First off let me just say that after watching the game yesterday this is indeed not the SOSAR that we have been use to seeing the last three years but a team that can now compete. My initial thoughts ( not hopes) were that we would get blown out like last year I think it was, with no hope or real fire to score and make plays to win. But we didn't. Not this time. And hopefully not from here on. We showed that we are more competitive by getting adequate pressure on the QB, create a couple of turnovers, contain the run, but the pass D wasnt that great IMO. Nice job by Bartell on Fitz and I heard someone else say on this forum that the only TD he scored was on our zone D when we went away from man coverage. We just had our moments like the 2nd quarter drive by the Cards RB's Hightower andStephens- Howling. That was a killer drive. But the real momentum swinger for the Cards was that hustle play by Breaston to strip the ball away from a careless, 1-yd-away-from-the-end-zone Clifton Ryan. CMON RYAN ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

All in all, too many missed opportunities like that are why we lost this game. We are not a great team lets face it. So what do not-great-teams do to win? They play smart, mistake free football because they know its their only chance to win because they cant really make plays otherwise. I was impressed with Bradford at the helm, I think we are set at that position for a long time. I was also impressed with Robbins again, as well as CJ Ah You.

Let me tell you MY opinion. Spags is doing a great job with the little talent he has upfront bringing pressure. But he is not THAT great in playcalling or close game decisions, if any at all. He needs to step it up in that dept. Offensive playcalling is also horrendous at times. Robinson made me so sick with all those drops, Clayton too although he had an otherwise good game. He would have had a GREAT game if it werent for those ugly drops. We need to win next week against the Raiders, so we can have a huge confidence buildup to face other teams because we will not beat them if we cant beat Oakland. If we can just FIND A WAY, FIND A WAY to win that game I will be more than happy of our progress as an organization moving forward.

This is definitely a team, as most mention, can win 5-6 games at the most. No more than that because there is just too many issues to overcome in one season but if we can get 5 wins I will know that we are headed in the right direction.

I have some burning questions though. If we only win one-three games this year, will it be because -

a) of a rookie QB, young overall team and inexperience, etc. You need a season for everyone to gel and learn the system? or

b) no excuses Spags, Shurmur and co., you've had your time to turn things around but the results (Wins) are just not coming and its time for a change ?

Do you think Stan kroenke is feeling all of this pain and will act ASAP after a 1-3 win season? Or will he stay calm and give it more time? Same if we win 5-6 games. These are the things that I worry about at this time, but like I said, I definitely see improvement but I think its going to be tough to win with what we have. We just need more time I guess...