a group of ppl and i are doing a thing where we are a team for the offseason and im the rams. we make trades, re-sign ppl, sign ppl, draft and we ahve to stay under the cap.

One key thing to remember about trades. Just like cutting a player when you trade a player they have unused signing bonus. This is accelerated when traded. So if you trade an $8,000,000 base player. He will count as $8,000,000 against the new teams cap and count as $2,000,000 (25%)against your cap.

i want OL, Ed Hartwell mlb, and D
Goodspeed Fisher Edwards Pace and Looker are some main ppl i want to bring back from this yr.

im lookin for help with this so if anyone wants to give me advise with this put ppl down and how i should get them or what i should offer them.