I could probably put this on any thread but I'm going to vent here. I'm a die hard fan from the days that they first came to st louis, so prob the last ~12 years. I live on the east coast near DC and have spent good money and worn a Ram's jersey anytime they come in town to both Fedex Field against the Redskins AND M&T stadium against the Raven's. I hate to say it but it's been a gradual decline for the last 5 years. They haven't played a full 4 quarters of football this year since the Dallas game and it's painful to see talented guys consistently underperform and fall short. It's a shame they couldn't stay motivated for more than 3 games for Haslett. I don't know what all we need, but if we don't get some offensive lineman in the draft or FA to at least start rebuilding I doubt I can support any more 2, 3, or 4 win seasons. There isn't much to cheer for or look forward to on Sunday's if that is the case.

Miami was the worst team in the NFL last year, they took a LT #1 changed their GM and head coach, and this year their fighting for a playoff spot in a tough division. We second to last IN THE LEAGUE last year where have we gone??? Least amount of points scored, two head coaches, and second to last only b/c of Detroit's historic losing season. Somehow both Detroit and KC have managed to score more points even with 3 different QB's...

It's so dissapointing to feel that at 2 and a likely 14 ('cause I'm sure Atlanta will hand us our butts) I still think we haven't made any progress this year, will prob get a house-cleaning with a new coach next year and likely haven't seen the worst yet.

My wishes (feel free to add your own):

Too bad for Haslett, please hire a respectable coach that will bring toughness to our club and change the culture of losing.

Please get a replacement for Pace, he's about 4 years removed from Probowl caliber. Two if you can pull it off.

Please get a backup for both Bulger and Jackson so that injuries don't = instant loses.

Please cut Drew Bennet, he's been worthless since acquiring him. Develop Avery, Burton, and Stanley.

Please get us a Tight End that can remain healthy and add a dynamic to our pathetic offense. (read: not another flopfenstein, and don't pay for another McMichael)

Please, Please, Please hold on to Torry Holt call it nostalgia but Bruce should have retired a ram and we can't let aging vets just leave. What they lose in performance they bring to the locker room in experience and leadership.

pardon the negativity, it's a football induced depression...

And most of all just show a little improvement and give us fans something to cheer for, even if it's just hoping that we have a chance to win.