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Thread: My Story of the Saints Game...(please read)

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    Jackson39 Guest

    My Story of the Saints Game...(please read)

    Hi Rams fans,
    I don't post here much but after last weeks victory against the Saints, I feel compelled to join in on the celebration.

    I've been a ram fan from the age of 8. I live in Australia but I was born India. Ever since I became a ram fan, I have never, I repeat never, missed a rams game...even it mean getting up at 4 am in the morning on a monday before school just to watch the nfl's silly gametracker with the helmets moving. Thank god for live stream!

    You have no idea how much this team has meant to me. Thick and thin, I've always supported this team and while there have been a few questionable decisions, I still believe this team is on its way.

    Anyway, as I am having my final exams (what would be the equivalent to the SAT for the States) obviously getting up 4 am is not a viable option on the day of the exam. I got up around 7 am. I knew we going to be potentially get absolutely crushed. So I didn't check the score because I didn't want to take my mind away from the english test I had in a couple of hours. As I began ironing my clothes, my mum was in the kitchen making breakfast and I told her, "Mum, IF the Rams are winning, I'll give you the biggest hug." Not that I never hug my mum (god bless that amazing woman) but she knows how much I am obsessed with this "silly game" (as she calls it) I was just rubbing it in.

    So I checked the score. I literally jumped out of my seat and began celebrating through the house, high fiving my siblings, parents and pets even though it is only my brother who has the faintest understanding of football (which is my doing because thats all I talk about)

    To make the day better, the exam was smooth and the weather was absolutely perfect. I watched the highlights about 6 times when I got home and then the full game when it was uploaded.

    Also, if there was one man (other than my father) that I look up to it is our big 235 pound running back. The guy is the epitome of inspirational. He is a stoic hero. He really sets the example of what it means to be a ram fan. I know for sure, never for one second has that man thought about leaving this club. He does his part, follows through, and BELIEVES. That's what we ALL need to do. His leadersip has inspired me to be a better leader for my school and my football team. I am what they call the 'head boy' or the 'school captain' of the college. His amazing commitment, values, and work ehtic has translated into me being a better leader and a person on and off the field.

    Forever will I believe in our team
    I am a ram fan and this is my story.

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    Re: My Story of the Saints Game...(please read)

    Nice story. Hope the finals went well!

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    Re: My Story of the Saints Game...(please read)

    Interesting. Welcome aboard!! I too feel a sense of belief and hope with this team and I'm sure others are just excited about our team as you are.

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    Re: My Story of the Saints Game...(please read)

    Good story. Im sure you saw the time when Saffold was called for a false start? Jackson lit into him like i've never seen him do before. I definately got goosebumps at that point. Im sure some of the players did too. Those are the kinds of instances that make players think twice when they committ stupid penalties.
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    Re: My Story of the Saints Game...(please read)

    Nice story, Jackson39. Steven Jackson has done for you what Jack Youngblood and Nolan Cromwell did for me as a kid. Glad you've been a dedicated follower despite the distance from the USA.
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    Re: My Story of the Saints Game...(please read)

    Dear Jackson39,

    Thanks for sharing your story. The Rams, they do have a way of getting under your skin

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    Re: My Story of the Saints Game...(please read)

    Great story Jackson39. Let's hope you'll be giving your Mum a lot more of those big hugs the rest of the season.

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    Re: My Story of the Saints Game...(please read)

    You should post more often.

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    Re: My Story of the Saints Game...(please read)

    Gooday Mate. You prove that there are truly RAM fans all around the world. Aussies are known to be tough and showing interest in americanized footie, I hope, will not damage your reputation with your "Austrailian rules" teammates.

    When you're in Missouri look me up and I'll introduce you to Yank......Never mind you're not old enough.

    Welcome Dude.
    St. Louis, "The Gateway to the West".

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    Re: My Story of the Saints Game...(please read)

    Nice to see that Rams nation is reaching other parts of the world. WELCOME!!

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    Re: My Story of the Saints Game...(please read)

    Watching that win with our Brit ClanRammers Julian, Steve, and Liz, plus Rick from Maine was a huge highlight of the season for me (of several seasons actually). One of the biggest at least more important wins in awhile.
    Barry Waller

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