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    My Synopsis Of The Rams So Far: New Guy!

    :r First of all, I am new here. *Waves* Names Robert and I am an avid Ram fan. I don't care how bad they play.. I just find myself comming back to game after game.

    However, I am also very much like a sports radio personality. So, if I see the Rams coaches or players do something stupid - I'm going to point it out. Obviously this season has been a mitigated disaster. While I think Linehan might be one of the worse offensive cordinator/head coaches I've seen, I also think there are some other issues we (as fans) have not really looked at enough.

    Linehan is right about one thing - We've been in a position to win 2 games. In both situations Turnovers and basically Jeff Wilkins have failed. With me saying that, I can't stand the playcalling. The playcalling I've seen completely ignores the kind of talent we have in place. As a result we have this "prevent offense" (thanks Bernie) which results in an offense and team that CANNOT MAKE ONE MISTAKE. They have somehow be perfect. Every off-tackle run has to net +5 yards. Every pass has to get +5 yards. Every field goal has to be perfect. Nothing can go wrong, or we lose.

    This was never more obvious than against Carolina. The Rams respond to Carolina's touchdown with a touchdown of their own. Down near the goaline the Rams come out on 2ND DOWN and go with 4 wides and throw a touchdown pass to Holt. It's now 2 weeks later and I've never seen a pass like that called on 1st or 2nd down in the redzone again. When the Rams get to the redzone now, they run twice and pass on third down EVERYTIME. Then trot out Wilkens who then misses.

    Now, another thing I think get's ignored - because the playcalling has just been so bad - are the injuries. I've not seen a team this beat up, so early before. Which takes me to our strength and conditioning guy. What is he doing?? Why is everyone getting injuried, not by hits but just from playing ball?

    Next weekend, I don't expect the Rams to beat Dallas - none of us do. We just want to see them try to win, instead of trying not to lose. Too much goes wrong. I'm not so sure losing Jackson doesnt help our cause. Or my cause. My cause is to see Linehan stop being such a pussy and go for it. Let er' rip. He's been playing not to lose and were 0-3. It's not working and now we have no Jackson.

    I don't mind cheering for an 0-3 team, that still has Jackson/Bulger/Holt and the Rev. With the defense improving there's room for some hope. This offense needs to play harder and more desperate.

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    Re: My Synopsis Of The Rams So Far: New Guy!

    This offense needs to play harder and more desperate. -- Btimsah
    So true. And this is the game to go for it that way.

    Glad you're a Diehard, regardless (okay to point out our team's failures too). Welcome to the Clan. Sept. 30 is an important day!

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    Cool Re: My Synopsis Of The Rams So Far: New Guy!

    Nice to see that I am not the only new ClanRam member. Nice to meet you. I moved and spent over two grand just to see the Rams on DIRECTV. Last year was a good season, I hope this will turn out better. GO RAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: My Synopsis Of The Rams So Far: New Guy!

    I don't think Wilkins lost the game for us. There were too many other problems than to blame him. If we had good play calling and a decent coach, the wilkins misses would be moot.

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