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    Mystery Solved

    1st and 10 at the New England 41 yard line with 33 seconds remaining Tom Brady lines up on the left hash mark in shotgun formation. Brady takes the snap drops back to pass stepping slightly toward the left side of the pocket. The Rams pass rush comes from the left forcing Brady to run toward the right side of the pocket at about a 40 degree angle. pass incomplete

    Weiss: "Now we're trying to throw the ball downfield. They brought the blitz from the left and Tom rolled right and threw the ball away. We didn't have the blitz picked up and he realized it. He did a nice job avoiding the grounding by getting outside (the tackles). There was no doubt in my mind Tom could handle this drive. That thought never even crossed my mind. I had total confidence he'd handle the situation."

    Brady: "They were bringing the weak-safety blitz. Normally I'd throw a sight adjustment to the weak side, but I figured why throw an 8-yard slant and lose 25 seconds on the clock, so I just faded away from the rush and threw it out of bounds."

    Fletcher: "I really felt this was intentional grounding, but they didn't call it."

    Obviously Bernie Kukar ruled that Brady was out of the pocket. Anyone else feel like breaking something that makes a lot of noise and is expensive or is it just me?

    Even if we play along and use the outside of the right tackle (ignoring the Rule at that says 2 yards outside the tackles or the NFL official rule book that says from the normal tight end position.) Brady is not outside the Pocket. Although he is close, he is not. Unlike a close play on the goal line where only the ball has to break the plain of the goal line to be a TD, to have an illegal forward pass over the line of scrimmage the quarterbacks entire body must be past the line of scrimmage surely it is the same for the pocket. This is just another straw of proof showing Kukar and company was going to give the Patriots any close call no matter how ridiculous.

    As stated; "All judgment calls will be for the Patriots benefit."

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    Re: Mystery Solved

    Were is the rolls the eyes emoticon when you need it?

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    Re: Mystery Solved

    That Superbowl was a killer for me I live near the Patriots ( Gillette Stadium ) and the New England fans that are everywhere. I was so upset that the Rams lost a game that I thought for sure they would win easily in the the BIG EASY !

    The non calls that have been brought up in this thread are really pissing me off!

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    Re: Mystery Solved

    SB XXXVI never happened, end of story.


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