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Wow. Powerful statement. Now that you mention it the Cardinal OL was pretty lousy until Warner showed up and all of a sudden they become proficient enough to go to the SuperBowl. Sometimes I wonder if we all realize just how incredible Warner really was.

BTW if things don't change out in the desert for ya'll do you think Whisenhunt might be in some trouble sooner rather than later?

lol..i am not a spokesman for the entire Red Sea,just a and slightly disgruntled Card fan..but i`ll give ya my take.
whiz inherited most of his talent
but he did get Kurt playing back to his SB (Rams) playing potential (if Kurt had remained a Giant QB coach i don`t believe he would be a lock in the HOF like he is now)
but whiz is running out of Green personal and most are his buddys now,,so this year is a big one for whiz ,
That said..i`m firmly still on The whiz bandwagon,he has had nothing but winning seasons here and took us to our only SB..for that i am forever in his debt,
big day for whiz,we don`t necessarily need a win,but he does need to show that he had any resemblance of a plan when he shipped Matt off(DA was not a plan,rather a show of desperation )
And just for your info,i don`t disagree with getting rid of Matt,,what i disagree with is NOT having a plan,having an UDFA starting 5 games into the season is NOT a plan.
Enough of me and my moaning,Y`all go take Detroit by storm!
and we will go play the Reigning SB champs *smh*
Be careful of those pesky Lions,they will sneak up and bite you in the rear if you don`t keep and eye on them