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    National day dream

    It's National Day here in Hong Kong. Not my nation's day you understand, but the National day of China. It's a celebration of the creation of the communist state and it's obligatory for anyone connected with the government here (and I am as a civil servant) to take the whole thing suitably seriously. And I was I promise, I really was, until it became apparent that they were hoisting the flag upside down...........

    I was stood next to the principal of my school at the time so my countenance didn't waver, but I got to thinking that it was an interesting image to ponder, given China's stance on human rights, environmental policy and virtually everything else. Something to do with seeing the world upside down.

    Anyway, whilst the principal talked about Chinese contributions to world civilisation of which there are many (Compass, paper, gunpowder and golf to name but four. I'm always sceptical of the golf thing but whatever), my attention started to wander as it often does when listening to speeches in Cantonese.

    I started to think about the Rams and what may happen this weekend and perhaps the rest of the season.

    You see, my cup is actually half full right now. I've read some of the reaction that the opening three games have managed to generate and I think it's been fairly strange. I think one of the disquieting things for many of our fellow citizens of Ram nation is the whole concept of change. No-one likes change, from moving house to funerals, no-one feels comfortable with changes to their physical, mental or spiritual landscape. Whole industries have sprouted to deal with change and it's implications. Management consultants, faith healers, Fung Shui masters, numerologists, priests, Tarot card readers and politicians are all pretty good examples of people who are required to deal with the fall out that comes with upheaval.

    As far as football is concerned, who can we consult?

    Well there's always Bernie Miklasz I suppose but what I've found is that his answers and those of many of his peers merely reflect some of the short term demands of the fans. Fans themselves go even further by stating that Bulger should be traded, Fisher should be benched and Holt and Bruce should toughen up.

    That way madness lies. The answer to the pain of change isn't further change. There aren't any fix-alls, the snake doctor has been run out of town and please, please can we just take a little notice of the fact that we're merely three games into the season and the team that we love to love has yet to find it's true identity.

    There have been some encouraging signs, the most obvious of which is that we've won more games than we've lost. As well as that however can we consider that our defence is no longer a league wide joke, our offence is starting to wake up, our special teams play has been solid, our running game looks okay, we've got a great young middle linebacker, our recent draft looks pretty good, game management is no longer an issue and that Linehan looks like a head coach. There is an underlying solidity to the team that wasn't there last season.

    It's because of that and a couple of other things that if we drop one to the Lions this weekend, I won't panic. I won't assume the worst, I won't demand further change and I won't extrapolate that the season is done. I believe that there is enough that is right with this team for it to be able to bounce back. Previously perhaps there was a perception that the house that Mike built was a little unsteady in times of crisis, that we were only one loss away from a five game skid, disaster was round the corner. Right now I don't have that feeling, we are a fundamentally better proposition as a team and I firmly believe that whilst we may not see this team hit it's straps this season, we will next season. If I'm wrong about that I fully expect you all to remind me but that's what this forum is all about.

    I suppose my point is that the flag of Ram nation is flying the right way up and whilst it may not always fly with pride every weekend we shouldn't have to take it down to make it look right.

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    Re: National day dream

    It is coming together Fat Pang. No need to worry, but change is difficult and Bulger and the receivers have struggled, but they seem to be coming together now. I am looking forward to this game against the Lions. The Rams might just get a chance to show off for once.

    Looking around on other team's boards, I see that the Rams are not being talked about and that is a good thing. They don't know what to say about this team yet. We are an unknown. No one wants to predict how we will perform this season. We are not at the top and not at the bottom. The middle is a good place to be.

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    Re: National day dream


    VERY well written FP. I'm relatively new to these boards, but from what I've read from you, you always seem to give some very thoughtful input that is extremely well written. I enjoy your posts.

    Looking around on other team's boards, I see that the Rams are not being talked about and that is a good thing. They don't know what to say about this team yet. We are an unknown. No one wants to predict how we will perform this season. We are not at the top and not at the bottom. The middle is a good place to be.

    I also see that UtterB, and I love it. Let them all underestimate the Ram nation. We are strong, we shall prevail. :l
    It's not a relocation, it's a restoration


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    Re: National day dream

    Nice piece Phang. I appreciate your patience and optimism. As usual, it is a pleasure to read your philosophical approach in judging the rams performance...SFC

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    Re: National day dream

    Quote Originally Posted by Phat's Pangs of Conscience View Post
    Fans themselves go even further by stating that ... Fisher should be benched ...

    That way madness lies.
    Fine. But as Billy Joel stated:

    "You may be right. I may be crazy. But it just may be a lunatic you're looking for."

    In fact, I'll go even further ... trade the worthless excuse for a gnat before other teams realize he's more of an asset to them by leaving him on the field to be run through and jumped over when they play the Rams.


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