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Thread: New coach?

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    Marshall1 Guest

    New coach?

    I want John Gruden! So what if he is still under contract! I want him!

    Could it be Mike Tice? Bill Parcells if he leaves Dallas?
    What about Dick Vermeil? (Bad spelling on Vermeil?)
    What do you all think, hear anything in the rumor mill?

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    SFCRamFan Guest

    Re: New coach?

    None that you mentioned...don't want any of them either. Gruden's cocky-rah-rah attitude and pouts wear thin over time. Vermiel is retired; Parcells may stay one more year with Dallas or retire; Tice...please, no way...We'll go after assistants on teams in the playoffs. Sit back and relax. This won't be done until teams get out of the playoffs or the SB is over.


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