This isn't the RAMS of 1999-2001, nor is this the RAMS of the nineties. This team has it's own identity. An indentity that is quickly telling opponents to beware.

No, this isn't the RAMS of 1999-2001. A team that would break the hearts of many opposing fans who dreamed of a victory only to have their team blown out by the half. Yes, some of the faces are familiar, but as we age so do our favorite football players. Faulk may not be the gamebreaker he once was, but he can still contribute and teach a young superstar like Steven Jackson. Bruce may not have the speed he once possessed, but he is still the best route runner in the league. Holt, well, Holt just gets better every year. Gone are Warner, Hakim, Proehl, Conwell. Here are Bulger, Curtis, McDonald, and Cleeland. This team can still score on on play, just not as often. But that's enough to put fear in the defenses mind and that's enough to win.

Nor is this the team of the nineties. A team that when down by any amount of points began looking ahead to the next game. A team that struggled to find an identity. A team that made opposing fans shout for joy when their team played them. The RAMS of the nineties caused many a sad Sunday for us and many wondered if we would ever see a winning team again. We did, but none of us will ever forget the struggles of watching the team that lost week after week. Bruce is the only L.A. RAM left on the squad, many have moved on, and yes a few have found success, but many are gone from the NFL map. We would all love to forget what happened during that dull era of RAMS football. Of course it's those losing seasons that make the winning seasons that much more enjoyable.

No, this isn't the team of 1999-2001, nor the team of the nineties. Opposing teams know how good the RAMS can be. We may not strike as quickly and as often as 1999-2001, but we won't fold like the nineties. Stayed tuned my friends because we are watching a team with heart. A team that sincerely wants to live up to the expectations that previous teams have laid out. A team that has just as good a chance to go the Super Bowl as the previous teams have. This team can win it all, this team can prove to the NFL that just because we don't score 40 points a game doesn't mean we aren't a good football team. It just means we have a new identity.