By Rene Knott, NewsChannel 5 Sports Director

KSDK -- In football there are players who are block, players who pass; those who catch and those who hit.And at 6-foot-4 240 pounds, Rams outside linebacker Na'il Diggs should be able to bring it.

"The first thing that sticks out is his size. I can't wait to see him play real football," says Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo.The 10-year veteran has 598 career tackles."There is no better feeling than that good square hit," Diggs says.

And his game starts with his attitude. He doesn't speak softly on the football field."On the field I guess that's when the animal comes out". "You've gotta be competitive to win the football game," Diggs says.

Though 31-years-old, it's obvious the fire still burns in Diggs. And he believes his experience, mixed with the youth on the Rams defense, will be a good combination.

"It makes me feel younger. These guys really want it," says Diggs.
And Diggs believes in coach Spagnuolo. It is why he decided to bring his attitude to St Louis.

Sounds great now, but this time of year everyone's a gorilla .. right? I'l keep my fingers crossed just like I do every year at this time ..