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Thread: This Next Off-Season...It Has To Be Offensive.

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    This Next Off-Season...It Has To Be Offensive.

    Yeah our defense is very inconsistent. Yeah some of our young guys are really hot and cold (Brockers, Jenkins, Johnson). Yeah we still don't have solid linebacker play (that includes you Laurinaitis). However, if we do not spend the majority of our off-season (via FA and the draft) on acquiring new players for our offense, I guarantee you next year will be the same ugly mess.

    At this point in the modern NFL era, you can have a great defense...but you can still expect to be beat if your offense is subpar. And our offense is EXTREMELY subpar.

    1. We aren't seeing anything special from Bradford. Sure he's a "decent" QB, but he makes many questionable throws and at this point it's safe to say we all expect to see more from him and we aren't.

    2. Our offensive line is still a mess. I don't even know who is playing left tackle, left guard and right tackle at this point. And frankly, I don't care. In my opinion, Robert Turner is our best offensive lineman. Harvey Dahl isn't the world-beater we thought he would be, but I guess when the rest of your teammates on the line suck that bad it makes you also look bad.

    Our o-line needs a major revamp this off-season. I wouldn't be surprised one bit if Luke Joeckel, Taylor Lewan or Jake Matthews is wearing a Rams jersey next year.

    3. Our WRs suck with the exception of Amendola. It is critical we bring in a BLUE CHIP talent at WR. Mid-round picks and crappy washed up veteran signings should not be tolerated any longer.

    4. We need a big-time TE. Kendricks isn't bad, but then again that's the problem. He "isn't bad" but he's not that good.

    If we had an offense that can actually keep up in games, it doesn't matter if our defense struggles occasionally. We still have a shot to win in shoot-outs. However, looking at our offense, it is pitiful to see the lack of big-play talent that we have. That's got to change.

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    Re: This Next Off-Season...It Has To Be Offensive.

    Our defense has had their fair share of hiccups but I think they just need time to gel together (although I do agree on finding some blue chip players there, particularly safety).

    1. Bradford hasn't met expectations, but he's done enough with what he can do. The guy went through three offensive schemes so it's hard to give him complete judgment on his current play. He's torched an elite defense last week only to falter the next. Consistency and continuity are factor that'll determine whether Bradford's a successful QB or not.

    2. I definitely agree here, Saffold has been decent thus far but the RT and interior line needs improvement. I'm starting to consider giving Bradford quality protection this coming offseason.

    3. The WR woes may be a significant factor leading to garbage protection by our O-line, especially when they're beat constantly on one-on-one man coverage. We need to find an outside receiver who can provide speed, separation, and route-running. Having Gibson, Pettis, and Smith on the outside receiver position makes me want to puke with their lack of consistent playmaking ability.

    4. Kendricks has improved thus far but he's mainly on blocking duties due to placing a subpar O-line. Although I'd like to give Bradford a Graham or Gronk-type TE, it isn't the biggest priority this offseason.

    Brian Schottenheimer needs to find a fine line between playing simple and complicating plays.
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