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Thread: Next opponent

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    Next opponent

    Who will we play next week??

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    Buckin A Guest
    Who are you guys pulling for this weekend?

    I think the Bucs will be in St L again this year. The Eagles have 1 victory this year against a playoff team. That was against the Bucs in the "irrelevant bowl" last Sunday night when their 3rd stringers beat the Buc's 3rd stringers.

    These 2 teams (Bucs/Rams) seem to match up pretty well, I hope we get to see it!!

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    DJRamFan Guest
    i'm not really pulling for anybody (OK NOT the WHINERS!). I wanna see how things play out so we know what things look like. Although, i do see both home teams pulling it off and the two main streaks continue (GB at home and TB in the cold).

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    I think it will be Green bay!!!

    They'll put San Fransisco to the sword especially playing at lambeau field and for us the fans, it would be a great contest next week watching two of the best QBs in the leaque airing it out!

    It will be tough game at Philly but the Eagles will pull out the win.
    OK I want the Eagles to beat Tampa, there a dangerous team!

    Who ever we face will be READY!!!!!!!!!


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    valerius Guest
    I voted for TB but hope its the Whiners. Beating them 3 times in one season would be sweet.

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    bud4wiser Guest

    My humble opinion

    The playoff scenario I favor would bring Tampa Bay back to St Louis. After we soundly thrash those “posers” 41-3, playing our backups in the entire 4th quarter, we would meet Green Bay.

    Green Bay, coming off a “blizzard bowl” win in Chicago, 28-6 over the Bears, would be Rampaged in the first quarter of the conference championship, when Warner throws 3 touchdown passes to Holt, Bruce and Faulk. The Rams would go on to win a blow out 45-31 over Green Bay.

    Next please?

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    I think we own the Whiners, I would love to see them one more time. However, I just don't see them beating the Packers. Hope I am wrong. I do not want to see #4 at GB in the playoffs. I do think we beat either team next week, I just don't want to chase #4 all over the field.

    Reason why I won't call him by his name? Look at last weeks farce of a sack. Not blaming Strahan though.

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    MsWistRAM Guest
    Ok, considering when I saw this and looking at the wildcard match ups--Bucs are out of it, I couldn't be happier about that. So after Saturday's games, we have the Eagles v. Bears and Raiders v. Patriots next Saturday. So we will be playing the winner of one of today's games, so its the Whiners, Packers, Ravens, and Dolphins. I'm unfamiliar as to how the playoffs work but it's got to be an NFC team so it's got to be either the Whiners or Packers. I feel Packers would be the easier team to beat, but I just don't like the Packers. I just don't! I don't want them getting that far. So I have to say the Whiners are next. No worries there.:evil:

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    Wow, we have some good guessers on these forums. I was way off with my Tampa Bay guess. Congrats to everyone who guessed we'd play the Packers next!


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