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    Re: The next perpetual debate that i AM looking forward to..

    We can certainly agree to disagree, but i think barron has been a pretty consistent and solid pass blocker for his entire career. I think that our issues with bulger getting clobbered have been primarily up the middle. I am not sure how to check the stats on that because sacks allowed can be misleading, but i am basing this on my observations and i havent missed a game in years.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: The next perpetual debate that i AM looking forward to..

    I think Barron may have a good year at LT. If he does, I think we tag him & make him repeat it.

    What kind of tag may depend on how good his year was, the CBA situation,and on J. Smith's performance.

    Personally,I think having two good options at LT is worth the money.

    Or is the anti-Barron@LT contingent willing to gamble that J. Smith and some, presumably, lower draft RT taken next year would be a safer bet for the team's future?

    What if Smith gets hurt on a Barron-barren o-line? Someone like Loadholt at LT? There's a QB stool softener for you.

    That guy would be cheaper than signing Barron as a longterm RT. Possibly a better player at that position,too; I don't think Barron will ever be a great RT. But the guys who can do both do cost.

    And not having two of them has cost us plenty in the past.

    Just like Noah, I think DeSpags need to stock the ship by twos wherever possible. Two capable QBs, two RBs,etc, to keep the ark afloat for the long run.
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    Re: The next perpetual debate that i AM looking forward to..

    No matter how you cut it, you have to have line depth. Remember everyone's pre draft mantra? 'Battles are won in the trenches!' Especially given our past debacles with injuries keeping this guy is important. Whether Barron be simply average, a good pass blocker or a stud in sheeps clothing I think we have to keep him around.

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    Re: The next perpetual debate that i AM looking forward to..

    Originally Posted by Rambos
    GC, i think Barron will play RT this year and still play well enough to get a deal, not sure he will be a hot item in FA. well see...

    The problem with this scenario is that you then have a rookie ( J. Smith) protecting Bulger's back side. I'm not sure that we should allow our $60 million QB to suffer anymore hits than is absolutely necessary.

    It might be better to have Smitty play this year at RT so that he can get his feet wet and accustomed to the speed of the NFL game. He'll find out soon enough that he ain't in Waco anymore.

    I see your point, but if Jake Long as a rookie can come out and make the pro bowl. I will go on record and say J. Smith will get the nod and do a great job on Marc blind side. 30 mil plus will be what we give young J. Smith. He will have to earn it from day one and he will.

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