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Thread: NFC Champions

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    Stlraminthebowl Guest

    Thumbs up Great game

    Just wanted to say that this was a real good game, and thank god the rams won so that all my friends can shut up about the rams losing!! Go rams, next up, the Patriots, can you say 400+ yards for K. Warner??

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    Mr.Blond Guest
    RAMS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooooohooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can wear our colors proudly now!!!!!! (I've got a Rams leather jacket--wanna break it out Monday in style!!!!!!!!)

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    I've got my #20 Johnnie Johnson jersey hanging in the window. As I did in 99-00 following the NFC championship game. I bought the jersey in 1986, the top of the two and the zero are peeling off, but it is still a beautiful jersey.

    Go Rams!!

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    PerthshireRam Guest
    Was never confident we were going to win, right up till the final few seconds. Got to tip my hat to the O-line thought they were magnificent!

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    Cool Finesse finally falls...

    Rough and ready

    A 'finesse' team? You tell that to the St. Louis Rams

    Jan. 28, 2002 --'s John Donovan / Viewpoint:

    [Quote] "After Sunday's gritty 29-24 win over the game Eagles, there should be no NFL observer alive who relegates St. Louis to the all-flash heap. No fan worth his remote control or his chili con queso should call the Rams a team of finesse." [end quote]

    "Finesse Rams..." Ha-ha-ha!

    Again: "Weeee are the CHAMPIONS my friend!..." :angryram:
    Last edited by RealRam; -01-28-2002 at 05:23 PM.

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    You got that right Jorge, FINESSE TEAM WHAT FINESSE TEAM, we can get down and get dirty with the best of them.

    SMASH MOUTH FOOTBALL BABY, and I loved it!!!

    A tough football game, FAULK HAD A BIG DAY!!! but for me the offensive line were the STARS!!!


    Congrats to OUR RAMS:lid:

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    Gabrielfan Guest
    Way to go Rams. I'm sooooo happy I could throw up. Ooops,
    didn't I say that last week about the Philly game? It was a
    nail biter all the way. I had to pick up my knitting to keep my
    hands from shaking. Now that these fabulous Rams are
    Superbowl bound, I'm not so nervous anymore. Hats off to
    the New England Patriots. I never thought they would beat
    Pittsburgh. I'm still soooo excited.

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    EagleFanInMD Guest
    Congrats to the Rams and the fans. Great game... we got beat by the better team and my hat is off to you. The Eagles fought hard and had a great chance but came up short. Again, congrats and good luck in the bowl.. Enjoy...
    we'll see you guys next year....

    GO EAGLES !!!!

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    Mr.Blond Guest
    Thanks Eagle fan in MD, you fought hard and came up a buck short. Good luck next year, GO BABY YEAH!!!

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