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    NFC Playbook about STL at SF

    As mentioned in the title, this post refers to the program NFC Playbook on NFL Network. I was suprised and not suprised to see the commentators all predict SF to beat the Rams. They all seemed to imply that the Rams would ultimately lose the game due to their depth at WR. Their main argument is that the Rams are so restrictive in what they can do that it is easy to gameplan against them, especially during a bye week.

    I think they underestimate the Rams a little, but they do make a point. If you shut down SJ and the screen pass game, we don't have much left. I hope Shurmur has some tricks to prove them wrong and we shove the Whiners nose in the dirt.

    The Rams have alot to prove this game.

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    Re: NFC Playbook about STL at SF

    I saw this on NFL Network also.

    There's 2 sides to every argument/prediction.

    We are also on the bye week and the Whiners are not some juggernaut offense by any means. Really what do they have that we don't? Home field advantage and that might be just enough for them to pull this game out.

    Without going over every position I feel like we are better except at the WR and TE positions.

    It's not going to be easy and if I was to bet on this game I would take the Whiners but not by the 5-7 point range the betting line has on this game. Given the Whiners are given 3 points for being the home team I think the line should be even or maybe make the Whiners a 2 point favorite. They are 2-6 for a reason.

    GO RAMS!!!

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    Re: NFC Playbook about STL at SF

    I think it will be a close, low scoring game. I am confident in our defense (man, that's odd to say) to shut down their passing game, and hopefully we can keep Gore in check.

    We need to get downfield to spread the defense out and give room for SJax and Amendola to run. I expect a win today, but I won't be surprised if we are 4-5 at the end of the day.

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    Re: NFC Playbook about STL at SF

    The Rams offense is very simple I would agree and the screens and running game play a big role. The thing is the execution of the plays. Even if the other team can see it coming the Rams have been consistently executing the plays.

    Go Rams

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