Well its pretty much what I expected to see this pass weekend with the NFC playoff matchups...defense, defense and more defense with the 49whinners and Seagulls. Can't really say it was an explosive offensive that has gotten either to the championship.

That said, considering next season will likely be a repeat of this season, where are the Rams on defense and how might that affect where they go with personal. A lot of talk is the Rams O-line, some mention on improving the secondary, even upgrades at the skill positions where being thrown around as a possibility.

Considering the 7-9 finish, being thwacked 3 times at the hands of the 49whinners and Seagulls and having questions at all but the TE positions and defensive line, what does the future hold?

As I see it, its the O-line that will get the Rams attention to propel the ground game--its the simple solution to neutralize in part the rest of the NFC defenses, but this being the Fisher run time I bet a pickup on defense is on the cards. It just comes down to how hungry the Rams are when FA starts for real that will flesh out the roaster