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    NFC west preview

    As most of you guys know Im a 49er fan and Im not coming here like I did before to argue about Gore being better than Jackson, but to have debates about football and just to have fun. So lets get started.

    I think the seahawks had their run and they are finished. Im not saying they wont be competitive but I honestly can't seem them winning the divison right now. I would have to say the Rams are probably the key favorite. Your team is at that level, the ***** are certainly building that way, and they are still very young, and we will see what happens during the season. The cards always get talked about every year, and the same result happens with them doing terrible. I think the divison will be between the ***** and Rams. I hate going back to things and saying what if but if the ***** went for it on that 4th down against you guys last year and won the game, we probably would have made the playoffs. That game cost us our season, we had so much momentum building and then for Bulger to march down the field and beat us killed our morale.

    The offense of the rams is still great, and Jackson is one of the best Rbs in the league. But the defense is still going to hurt you guys. Carriker and Glover will not be enough of a force to stop the run IMO.

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    Re: NFC west preview

    I guess it's fitting that I, "Fortuninerhater" , be the first to respond. I agree that the fortuniners should be much improved, provided of course, the QB doesn't take a step backwards. The entire season will ride on his progression. If he plays well you could find yourselves fighting for a playoff berth. Conversely, if he does not, it'll be another long season for you.

    As for the Rams, I believe we'll be the team to beat in the west. The offense potentially, could rival the "Greatest Show on Turf". Key word being "potentially". And the defense and special teams should be improved drastically over last year's units. Maybe not top notch, but we only need to finish in the middle of the pack. If both units do that, there's no telling where we might end up. Good luck to you.

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    Re: NFC west preview

    I'll have to agree, yet disagree on a few things.

    I agree that the ****** "look" to be an improved team. They made a lot of very good moves during the offseason, and, let's face it folks, they finished only a game behind us last year, AND split with us in head-to-head competition. So, they're not that far behind us to begin with. So, "if" things pan out the way they hope, they could be a division contender because they were close last year, and appear to be a better group this year. I do think that too many people are way too eager to jump on the red and gold bandwagon. Remember, as bad as the Rams were on defense last year, the ****** were worse in the points allowed catagory, giving up 31 more points than the Rams. While scoring 69 fewer points. They need to live up to the hype, which often is not the case. ...just ask the Tards how it's worked for them the past few years.

    I totally disagree with those that discount the Hawks as "being finished" however. There should not be much of a dropoff in their play, if any. In fact, with better luck with injuries than what they went through last year, they'll probably perform a little better this year. So, I fully expect the Hawks, Rams AND **** to fight to the finish, with the division title going to the team that steps it up and performs as expected, or better, and is lucky enough to not fall victim to a multitude of injuries to key players (a fortune we had in 1999).

    The "wild card" team once again is the Tards. They look promising on paper, once again, and did some nice things on the sidelines, but how it translates to the field (once again) is the real question, but will they finally answer the bell?

    I would not be surprised to see a four-team race to the very end, with a separation of no more than 3 games certainly, from top to bottom. In fact, if the total difference in the division winner and last-place team is only two games, it won't surprise me at all. All of these teams have a chance to win the division, and/or go to the playoffs, which should make for an exciting season ahead.

    So, who wins the NFC West? If I were a betting man, and how things look right now before the first pre-season game. I'd put my money on the Rams or Hawks. The Rams own the best offense in the division, and they've done enough, I believe, to improve on defense enough to win an additional 2 or three games. The Hawks will not falter as much as some believe, so they have to be considered a favorite. The ***** and Tards show promise, and potential, but I'm not convinced yet. Maybe it's because I'm not a fan of either of those teams, and I'm looking at it through blue and gold colored glasses, but I like our chances, I really do. We definitely must improve on our record within the division though if we expect to get to the playoffs. Let's see how it all unfolds, and if which team rises to the top. It'll be fun.
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