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Thread: NFC Worst?

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    NFC Worst?

    Just once, I'd like to pop into the TV when the talking heads start talking about the NFC "Worst" and kindly remind them that over the past 11 seasons, the current teams in the NFC West have gone to the Super Bowl four times, more than any other division in the NFL save the AFC East, who coincidentally only has four participants because of the Patriots' four trips. The NFC West has had 3 different participants, tied with the NFC South.

    If you really want to throw worsts into it, why not go after the AFC West, who hasn't sent a rep to the big game since the 2002 season.

    I believe!

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    Re: NFC Worst?

    And lets look at how many time NFC West teams have been to the SB. Rams 3 times, Niners 5 times, Cardinals 1 time, Seattle 1 time. That is 10 trips to the Superbowl. So out of 44 Superbowls played the NFC West has represented the NFC nearly 25% of the time.

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    Re: NFC Worst?

    Tuned into ESPN a bit today, they seem to have been bashing the west in light of the Niners/Cards game. Kornheiser (I believe) said a team should not get into the playoffs with an 8-8 record. Personally, I can not stand Kornheiser. While the teams may not be great in the nfc west, I still think each and every division deserves to have their leader in the playoffs.

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    Re: NFC Worst?

    Yeah, accidentally had it on PTI today, immediately turned it when they started talking about the NFC West. Nothing worse than a Cub fan and a senile old mad. (one of my good friends is a Cubs fan, just don't like hearing them talk about sports is all )

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    Re: NFC Worst?

    Well I still remember a time when the Rams were 11 and 5, with a better record than ALL the division winners in the AFC, and couldn't even get into the play offs as a wildcard... But you wont hear those same so called experts reminisce about that, will you?

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    Re: NFC Worst?

    If Kornheiser knew anything about the NFL he would still be on the Monday Night Team.

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