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    NFL agrees with Rams on only one of three disputed calls vs. Arizona

    By Jim Thomas
    Sunday, Oct. 14 2007

    Upon even further review, the Rams went one for three on disputed calls in last
    week's 34-31 loss to Arizona. At least according to the NFL office.

    According to league sources, the NFL agreed that it blew the call on an
    offensive pass interference penalty against wide receiver Torry Holt in the
    fourth quarter.

    But the league office, responding to a report sent in by the Rams earlier in
    the week, said replays were inconclusive on Jonathan Wade's apparent fumble
    recovery in the end zone late in the second quarter.

    The Rams contended that Wade had control of the ball and should have been ruled
    down by contact, thus giving St. Louis possession after an Edgerrin James
    fumble at the 1. During the game, officials ruled that Wade never had control
    of the ball, which was subsequently dislodged by Arizona offensive lineman
    Reggie Wells.

    After much confusion and deliberation, which included a replay challenge by
    Rams coach Scott Linehan, Wells was awarded a touchdown for prying the ball
    loose from Wade.

    The league also failed to concede that referee Gerald Austin's crew made a
    mistake on a controversial delay-of-game call against the Rams at the end of
    the first half.

    After an apparent half-ending run by James was stopped short of the goal line,
    officials flagged Rams cornerback Ron Bartell for intentionally kicking the
    ball away, preventing Arizona from getting off another play.

    The Rams contended that time had expired anyway. But the league office, in its
    review, said Bartell should not have kicked the ball under any circumstances.
    The Cardinals were awarded an extra play because of the penalty, even though
    time on the scoreboard clock had expired, and scored a go-ahead touchdown on a
    quarterback sneak by Kurt Warner.

    So the only admission of error by the NFL came on Holt's penalty, with the
    league agreeing that a flag shouldn't have been thrown.

    "I guess the official saw something that (he thought) was pass interference,"
    Holt said. "I didn't think that was the case. I started out on a (route), and
    the guy engaged me. I was a potential option on the play — that was the way the
    play was designed."

    Arizona cornerback Eric Green initiated contact, jamming Holt with one arm.
    Review of game film showed that Holt did not attempt to block Green until after
    the ball left quarterback Gus Frerotte's hands for running back Brian Leonard.

    "The guy (Green) approaches me, so my natural instinct was, 'He's seeing the
    ball being thrown and caught, so he's trying to come through me,'" Holt said.
    "My next instinct is to block him and hold him off. It was just one of those
    calls where I guess (the official) felt I was in violation. But I didn't think
    I was, and I let him know it."

    Green argued for a penalty after the play and apparently did some successful
    lobbying, because it was a late flag.

    "(Green) said, 'He's holding! He's holding me!'" Holt said. "He got the call."

    So instead of having a first-and-goal at the 5 on the eight-yard gain by
    Leonard, the Rams were backed up to their 24 after the penalty and settled for
    a Jeff Wilkins field goal with 8 minutes 48 seconds left in the game.

    Instead of having a chance to tie the game 27-27 with a touchdown, the Wilkins
    field goal made the score 27-23, Arizona.

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    Re: NFL agrees with Rams on only one of three disputed calls vs. Arizona

    Wow, good jobs refs. And good job lobbying, Eric Green.

    I don't see how they can debunk the Edge fumble. There shouldn't be a thing such as "unreviewable plays".

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    Re: NFL agrees with Rams on only one of three disputed calls vs. Arizona

    How pathetic.

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