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    NFL Europa

    I was saddened to find out that the NFL Europa was defunct. I really enjoyed the games. I was a diehard way back with the Barcelona Dragons. I truely enjoyed watching the upcoming stars from the NFL teams assigned. It gave us the great looks of a real game with subpar athletes trying to make a team to a future in the NFL.
    It was sad that the league became a German league in it's latter years.
    But hey Kurt Warner and others were given the chance and succeded to the NFL.
    Well the World Bowl is no more. The Super Bowl is king. Maybe we can bring it back with the CFL/NFL exhibition game for bragging rights in pro football.
    Call it a friendly wager. Grey Cup winner vs Super Bowl winner say in August.
    WLAF, NFL Europe League, and or NFL Europa. It was sad day for football fans.:\

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    Re: NFL Europa

    Short sighted and demonstrative of a level of contmept for fans.

    The Monarchs were never the same after the NFL pulled the plug the first time and fans showed their level of trust in the NFL by staying away. The decision to pull the Claymores was equally ridiculous.

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    Re: NFL Europa

    The problem was that of course it would become a German league. One, it's where Rammstein and other American bases are. They aren't in France, or Spain, and only in a limited extent in Britain. Plus, Germans are the most interested in American culture, and were the most likely to like football. That, and David Hasselhoff.

    The NFL can't think to expand outside of North America until it solidifies Canada and Mexico. Canada is already pretty set, and I think that the CFL could be an expansion point. The Mexico City game was a success and it needs to have a few more before it can be thought to be a full time success. Perhaps the NFL can help start a MFL? Then the MFL and the CFL could be the counter part to the NFC and AFC. Hey if we export the Cards, then maybe they can actually make the playoffs!

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