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Thread: NFL Nation: 4 Downs--NFC West

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    Re: NFL Nation: 4 Downs--NFC West

    Quote Originally Posted by macrammer View Post

    The path is clear for Sam to bestow upon on his greatness, consistently. I was Kellen last year and we were 5-6 with him at QB. I believe we would have won some games Kellen could not for us. I see nothing but good stuff from Sam this year.
    Definitely the way I see it mac. Other than injury, I just don't see anything getting in Bradford's way.

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    Re: NFL Nation: 4 Downs--NFC West

    Quote Originally Posted by MauiRam View Post
    The Broncos had a pretty good offense last year, but they couldn’t come from behind against the Squawks in the Super Bowl. The fact that they were missing a few key players (like their starting left tackle for one), probably factored in; exactly how much, we’ll never know.

    Can the Rams come from behind against the Whiners and Squawks? I’d say that depends on how far “behind” we are; we won’t really know until we see what we’ve got in this year’s draft class, and how much maturation has taken place among the last couple of years’ draft picks. If our defense can open the season strong, we won’t have to make up huge deficiencies. I believe this is possible.

    On the offensive side of the ball, small incremental improvements can help us enormously. We can start with reducing dead ball penalties. It is horrible to watch a drive stall because of mental errors. Our receivers don’t have to become stars to be effective. They do however need to run the correct routes (especially on hot reads) and then come down with the ball. Watching Sam bounce the ball off the back of Brian Quick’s helmet is a memory I’d prefer to forget. These are issues that can be corrected/reduced through good coaching, diligent film study and practice reps.

    A big part of good coaching is getting through to players how important it is to “play smart.” Dumb mistakes can easily be the difference between winning and losing. One of my pet peeves is seeing a Ram defender get flagged for lining up in the neutral zone, and subsequently converting an otherwise stalled drive into a freebie first down. A defender’s losing his cool and getting flagged for a personal foul after his teammates have successfully stuffed a drive can and will make a coach crazy not to mention us fans. Those sort of mistakes just kill you. The Squawks really got into the Rams’ heads collectively last year in the 2nd game with them. I hope the Rams remember well.

    I don’t see Bradford as a bust - yet. I admit to being worried though, given the beatings he’s absorbed, coupled with his knee injury/rehab. Will he have confidence in his knee? Will he fall victim to “battered quarterback" syndrome?

    The early positives should be our improved running game, and the collective maturation of our young receiving corps. Who will step up and who might not, I can’t even speculate at this juncture. I will say that IMO we do not have to have a true #1 receiver to win. We need contributions from all of our receivers. Spreading the ball around successfully really helps keep opposing Ds off balance.

    Last but not least, we need to have better luck with regard to staying healthy. We are gradually improving our talent and depth, but we aren’t deep enough to absorb multiple injuries. Some good old fashioned luck in this area would help tremendously.
    As a player I am not saying Bradford is a "BUST", but how he has been used and under utilized not being given that elite WR{s} makes his selection a bust. No fault on his part, but in 4 off season the Rams haven't given him a chance to really become the elite QB that all of us wish him to be.

    As there seems to be no love among the referees and seem to throw the laundry at the Rams, I take it as just part of the game. True enough some Rams have made some seriously bone-headed plays earning the flag--and I totally agree the coaching staff has to step up and cleanup the stupid mistakes with discipline. Seriously, as close as it may come this year, losing a game because someone got a terminal case of stupid is something the Rams need to address now

    However, the Rams in order to have the best chance of making the post season, have a slim margin like most teams in the NFL. What is that margin? we know the Rams defense at least on paper should keep them in most of their games, but is "most"t enough? Assume at some point during the 2014 season, the Rams will need 2+ scores in the 4th quarter and the opposition know the Rams have to throw, can this receiving corps get it done is the 50 cent question
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