Two different articles about the Rams - one, a Carrucci column about the offseason, the other a story on Jackson - are on the front page of The NFLN and ESPN are mentioning the Rams more and more often. Even a story in the Charlotte newspaper seemed to show respect for our team.

Why? Why all of a sudden are the Rams being mentioned after several years of disrespect?

I'll tell you why. Last season, no one expected the Rams to so better than 6-10. New coach, our D and other things all seemed to add up to mediocrity. Somehow, through it all, some of our guys like Bulger and Jackson had outstanding stats. A few quiet additions here and there, add in the team who played like wildfire in the last three games, and you get...

Dynamite. The world is taking notice that the Rams are returning. SJ is one of the best RB's out there. Bulger is just a ring away from being 'elite'. Bruce, Holt, and now Bennett, are enough to scare any secondary. Brian Leonard and Randy McMichael add so much to the formula, the offense adds up to phenomenal. The subtraction of mediocrity from our D, adding James Hall and Carriker to the D, and there is suddenly respectability on that side of the ball. Now, add 'Money's' foot and Dante Hall, and even the Special Teams seem functional.

The pieces are all in place. The guys are ready. The attitudes are installed.

No wonder the world is taking notice. The Rams look like they are back.