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    Nick's 2012 NFL Power Rankings - Week 4

    The curse is lifted!

    Atlanta, my top team heading into Week Four, was the first to defy my Power Ranking logic and retain the top spot, although it took two fourth-quarter field goals to regain that lead in order to come out victorious. In fact, my Top Three remained unchanged as both Houston and Baltimore won their contests, and the Giants loss allowed the resurgent ***** to sneak up a spot.

    The Bears are back in the Top Ten after an impressive win against a Dallas team who falls to 12th, perhaps still too high given Tony Romo’s poor showing. The Vikings are continuing their upswing, having defeated the Lions by a touchdown and looking for most of the game as if they were in control. Detroit, once on the verge of breaking into the Top Ten of my rankings at the beginning of the season, are close to falling out of the Top 20.

    And speaking of the Top 20, the Rams’ win against the Seahawks has vaulted them into the bottom spot of that sub-group, and a win against a Top Five Cardinals team could cause them to rise even further.

    **AUTHOR’S NOTE: This was written before the game last night, but I was unable to load the board and post it at that time. Expect to see the Rams continue to rise after personally introducing Kevin Kolb to the Edward Jones Dome turf.**


    Rank -- Team – Last Week’s Ranking

    1. Atlanta Falcons (1)
    -Close game against a tough division rival, but they got the job done.

    2. Houston Texans (2)
    -In hindsight, Danieal Manning’s pick six was probably the beginning of the end of this game for Tennessee.

    3. Baltimore Ravens (3)
    -Cleveland may have given Baltimore a bit more than they bargained for, but they didn’t falter.

    4. San Francisco ***** (5)
    -245 yards on the ground by the *****. They were looking to punch somebody in the face.

    5. Arizona Cardinals (8)
    -Miami was geared for the upset, but give the Cardinals credit for fighting for this win.

    6. Green Bay Packers (7)
    -Green Bay gets back to .500 with a one point victory over the Saints.

    7. New England Patriots (9)
    -52 points? Did New England switch to the Big XII conference this weekend?

    8. New York Giants (4)
    -Tough loss to a division rival that has been on the ropes in recent weeks.

    9. Chicago Bears (11)
    -The Bears are definitely for real this season. Just ask Tony Romo.

    10. Philadelphia Eagles (12)
    -This was a nice one to put in the win column, but the Eagles didn’t look good doing it.

    11. San Diego Chargers (13)
    -Philip Rivers is getting it done without the help of free agent acquisition Robert Meachem.

    12. Dallas Cowboys (6)
    -What a stinker.

    13. Cincinnati Bengals (15)
    -Combine Pittsburgh’s bye with Cincy’s win, and there’s a new #2 team in the AFC North.

    14. Pittsburgh Steelers (14)
    -Bye week.

    15. Denver Broncos (19)
    -Peyton Manning was nearly flawless against the Raiders, putting up 338 yards and three scores.

    16. Minnesota Vikings (20)
    -A great divisional win has many people giving the Vikings a second look.

    17. Buffalo Bills (10)
    -After being up 21-7 at one point, Buffalo would score only once more while allowing 45 more points.

    18. Detroit Lions (16)
    -After this loss, perhaps the Lions should change the name of their kick units to Not-So-Special Teams.

    19. Washington Redskins (25)
    -RG3 did not have much trouble against a Tampa defense that, at times this year, has looked much improved.

    20. St. Louis Rams (26)
    -Simply put, the Rams’ defense embarrassed Russell Wilson in this game.

    21. Seattle Seahawks (18)
    -The Seahawks drop an important division game and watch their rookie passer have his worst performance of the year.

    22. New York Jets (17)
    -Could it be Tebow Time?

    23. Kansas City Chiefs (21)
    -The Chiefs lose a divisional game they needed, and Matt Cassel has a day he’d like to forget.

    24. Tennessee Titans (22)
    -Nice of Chris Johnson to finally show up; shame it had to be in a losing effort.

    25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (24)
    -A close loss to a tough Redskins team; Freeman continues to look questionable.

    26. New Orleans Saints (23)
    -I can only give a winless Saints team the benefit of the doubt for so much longer.

    27. Carolina Panthers (31)
    -Carolina lost, but I give them credit for hanging with the best team in the league.

    28. Miami Dolphins (30)
    -Same for Miami; sure, they lost, but they were competitive with a good team.

    29. Indianapolis Colts (29)
    -Bye week.

    30. Oakland Raiders (27)
    -So much for the momentum from beating Pittsburgh last week.

    31. Jacksonville Jaguars (28)
    -One positive for Jacksonville is that Justin Blackmon had his best game of the season. *crickets*

    32. Cleveland Browns (32)
    -Nice try, Browns. But no cigar.

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    Re: Nick's 2012 NFL Power Rankings - Week 4

    If this is pre-last night, than the rankings are good. If it does count the Cardinals game, I disagree. I think the Cards should drop at least 3-5 spots after last night, and we should climb to 14(ish).

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