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    Nick's ClanRam 2012 NFL Power Rankings - Week Two

    Two weeks in a row, and my top ranked team goes down. Iím beginning to think thereís some kind of curse associated with my Power Rankings, and given who the new #1 team is, Iím hoping it works again this week!

    With a win over Detroit in prime time, and losses by both New England and Baltimore, the San Francisco ***** have taken the top ranking this week. Rounding out the top five are the Falcons (2), who had a good showing on Monday night against the Broncos, the Texans (3), who continue to impress on both sides of the football, the Packers (4), who made short work of Jay Cutler and the Bearsí offensive line, and the Ravens (5), who dropped three spots after a close loss to the Eagles.

    The Ramsí close victory over the media-darling Washington Redskins was enough to move them up four spots to #22. A win over the 14th-ranked Chicago Bears should see them break into the Top 20. The Redskins dropped three spots, representing the three points Josh Morgan cost his team by throwing a football at Cortland Finnegan.

    If itís worth pointing out a new top-ranked team on the rankings, Miamiís win over Oakland deserves a mention, as it propelled them from the bottom position. That honor now falls to Cleveland, who kept it close with Cincinnati but couldnít squeak out a win.


    Rank -- Team Ė Last Weekís Ranking

    1. San Francisco ***** (3)
    -It pains me as much as anyone to put them here, but Rams fans know Detroit isnít a pushover.

    2. Atlanta Falcons (4)
    -In the battle of Peyton Manning vs. Matt Ryan, the former Boston College Eagle won out.

    3. Houston Texans (5)
    -The combination of Foster/Tate may be the best tandem in football right now.

    4. Green Bay Packers (6)
    -In two games, Clay Matthews has already matched his sack total from last year. One word: monster.

    5. Baltimore Ravens (2)
    -The Baltimore Ravens appear to be the second stop on the Michael Vick Comeback Tour.

    6. Philadelphia Eagles (8)
    -If the Eagles are 2-0 while playing this poorly, imagine what they could do if they hit their potential.

    7. New York Giants (9)
    -A great statement game for the Giants, being able to come back from a 27-13 third quarter deficit.

    8. New England Patriots (1)
    -Really? The Cardinals? The Patriots should be thankful theyíre still in my Top Ten.

    9. Pittsburgh Steelers (13)
    -The Jets put 48 points on Buffalo in Week One, but managed just ten against this Steeler defense.

    10. San Diego Chargers (15)
    -With 75% of his receptions going for touchdowns, Iím beginning to think Philip Rivers likes him some Dante Rosario.

    11. Dallas Cowboys (7)
    -The supposedly high-powered Dallas offense scoredÖ once. Not impressive.

    12. Buffalo Bills (18)
    -After the beating they gave up to the Jets, the Bills rebounded with an impressive performance over Kansas City.

    13. Detroit Lions (11)
    -There isnít too much shame in losing to one of the best teams in the league, but I feel like Stafford is off to a bad start.

    14. Chicago Bears (10)
    -Can the NFL make an exemption to allow the Bears an extra offensive lineman for all offensive snaps?

    15. Denver Broncos (12)
    -With the way Peyton was throwing picks, I thought he was playing the Patriots in the post-season for a minute.

    16. Arizona Cardinals (21)
    -Credit where credit is due Ė David took down Goliath in this contest.

    17. Cincinnati Bengals (19)
    -Moving up two spots for barely beating the Browns is probably generous on my part.

    18. New Orleans Saints (14)
    -Fun fact of the week: Saints start 0-2 for the first time in half a decade.

    19. New York Jets (16)
    -Whatís that, up in the sky? Itís a bird! Itís a pla-- oh, itís just Mark Sanchez coming back down to Earth.

    20. Washington Redskins (17)
    -The Redskins have a bright future with Griffin, but he couldnít lead them to a win in this one.

    21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (20)
    -There was a time for about an hour or two where I was impressed by Tampa Bayís defense. Then, the second half happened.

    22. St. Louis Rams (26)
    -If defensive coordinators werenít paying attention to the Bradford-to-Amendola connection before this weekend, they are now.

    23. Carolina Panthers (27)
    -Steve Smith caught three passes for 104 yards. Not a bad average, old man.

    24. Seattle Seahawks (28)
    -A win over Dallas is nothing to sneeze at; Marshawn Lynch made some fantasy owners happy in the process.

    25. Minnesota Vikings (23)
    -Christian Ponder wasnít bad, but it was Andrew Luck who stole the show in his first career win.

    26. Kansas City Chiefs (22)
    -Six Buffalo rushers combined for over 200 yards against this pathetic Chiefs run defense.

    27. Tennessee Titans (24)
    -I believe in Jake LockerÖ but this was far from his best game.

    28. Indianapolis Colts (31)
    -Veteran final drive by Luck, who threw three passes for 47 yards with only 31 seconds on the clock to set up the winning field goal.

    29. Miami Dolphins (32)
    -We havenít seen this kind of stat-line from Reggie Bush since he was on the USC payroll.

    30. Oakland Raiders (25)
    -Needless to say, fantasy football owners of Darren McFadden are panicking a bit right now.

    31. Jacksonville Jaguars (30)
    -I also believe in Justin BlackmonÖ but itís looking as if that holdout has affected his ability to have an immediate impact.

    32. Cleveland Browns (29)
    -Weedon and Richardson looked good, but it still wasnít enough for a win.

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    Re: Nick's ClanRam 2012 NFL Power Rankings - Week Two

    I hate the whiners, but have to agree. They went to Green Bay and took a dump on their front porch and followed it with a solid win over Detroit.

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    Re: Nick's ClanRam 2012 NFL Power Rankings - Week Two

    I still think that the Patriots are a top 5 team. Arizona has a very underrated defense and the Pat's offense is more versatile now that they have a decent running back.

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    Re: Nick's ClanRam 2012 NFL Power Rankings - Week Two

    I feel like we have a good chance to knock off the 14th ranked Bears. The NFC West has 4 teams with better than average defenses. We may have the weakest defense in the NFC West but it will only get better as our games roll by.

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