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    Nick's ClanRam Power Rankings - End of Preseason

    Back again this year are my Power Rankings, a completely subjective view of how I see the National Football League stacking up as we enter the 2012 season. I've given consideration to where these teams finished in 2011, what they've done to improve their rosters, what they've lost during the offseason, and where I think they'll stack up this year.

    Remember, as this list represents my own personal ranking, I expect disagreement and that's fine. But let's do it respectfully and have a fun discussion about the rankings along the way. And please, if you see any mistakes (ie. doubles of teams, records, etc), please let me know so I can correct them as soon as possible.

    Without further adieu!


    Rank -- Team -- 2011 Record

    1. Green Bay Packers (15-1)
    -Green Bay fields one of the NFL's most dangerous offenses, and adding Cedric Benson to the backfield was an upgrade at a weak position.

    2. New England Patriots (13-3)
    -The Patriots added Lloyd to the perimeter, have some promising youth in the backfield, and look to be improved on defense.

    3. Baltimore Ravens (12-4)
    -Baltimore was three points away from a Super Bowl appearance last year, and returns many of their starters.

    4. New York Giants (9-7)
    -The defending Super Bowl champs have done some shuffling along the offensive line, but will hope to regain post-season momentum in 2012.

    5. Houston Texans (10-6)
    -I think the Texans could really shine this season in a weakened AFC South division. They just need to stay healthy.

    6. San Francisco ***** (13-3)
    -This may be the most conservative offense in the league, but their defense will keep them a contender.

    7. Atlanta Falcons (10-6)
    -Julio Jones is primed for a big step up, and the Falcons are itching to prove they're better than the performance they put up in the Wild Card round last year.

    8. Philadelphia Eagles (8-8)
    -Can Michael Vick stay healthy? My fantasy teams depend on it. If he can, the Eagles will be a team to watch in 2012.

    9. Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4)
    -Between Rashard Mendenhall's injury situation, Mike Wallace's holdout, and the age of that defense, I worry about Pittsburgh. But they always find a way to be among the best.

    10. New Orleans Saints (13-3)
    -The suspensions will be tough to overcome, but the Saints have experience competing without their coach from last year, and Brees is simply amazing.

    11. Detroit Lions (10-6)
    -I'm looking for another big year out of the Lions' Stafford to Megatron connection, and I think their defensive front is one of the best in the league.

    12. Dallas Cowboys (8-8)
    -You can never trust the Cowboys, which made me hesitant to rank them this high. But if everyone is on the field, they're one of the more talented teams in the league.

    13. Chicago Bears (8-8)
    -My gut tells me Chicago will struggle this year with their weak offensive line, but Brandon Marshall could pay huge dividends.

    14. Buffalo Bills (6-10)
    -I love what Buffalo has done on defense, and I think they overtake the Jets to become the second team in the AFC East.

    15. Denver Broncos (8-8)
    -Is Peyton Manning enough to keep Denver in the driver's seat in the AFC West? Probably, but how much further this team will go remains to be seen.

    16. Cincinnati Bengals (9-7)
    -I think Cincinnati is still stuck in third in the AFC North; they've downgraded in the backfield and I don't think they've found a good enough compliment to Green.

    17. Kansas City Chiefs (7-9)
    -We're getting close to "put up or shut up" time for Matt Cassel. The talent around him is improving, so he's running out of excuses.

    18. Tennessee Titans (9-7)
    -It's Jake Locker time in Tennessee; I expect some bumps along the way, but he is a great athlete and will win the Titans some games as well. Will Chris Johnson return to form?

    19. San Diego Chargers (8-8)
    -I'm selling on the San Diego Chargers this year. They have talent and will compete in that division, but they always seem to be a let down come season's end.

    20. Seattle Seahawks (7-9)
    -With Wilson starting, expect to see heavy doses of Marshawn Lynch, provided he can stay healthy. They'll need their defense to remain strong if they want to compete.

    21. Oakland Raiders (8-8)
    -I don't see the Raiders making a big turnaround in 2012 despite having one of the most talented running backs in the league.

    22. Carolina Panthers (6-10)
    -It sounds as if Cam Newton is continuing to grow as a player, but their defense doesn't inspire me.

    23. New York Jets (8-8)
    -If Rex Ryan hasn't already stopped making Super Bowl predictions, then he needs to now. The Jets' passing game has looked atrocious through the preseason.

    24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-12)
    -Money bought the Buccaneers some big pieces this offseason, but that doesn't change the fact that success could take a while under a new head coach.

    25. Arizona Cardinals (8-8)
    -The Cardinals' uninspiring quarterback situation lingers, but it didn't prevent them from getting eight wins last year.

    26. Washington Redskins (5-11)
    -Robert Griffin is an exciting player, but I expect some bumps along the way. I don't think Washington is as talented as they think they are.

    27. Minnesota Vikings (3-13)
    -With Peterson recovering from injury and question marks on the perimeter at receiver, I don't see Christian Ponder or the Vikings making big strides.

    28. Indianapolis Colts (2-14)
    -I think Andrew Luck is going to look promising, but it won't be enough to make up for the talent deficiencies at other positions.

    29. St. Louis Rams (2-14)
    -I think the Rams are trending upwards, but they have to prove it on the field to rise up these rankings.

    30. Jacksonville Jaguars (5-11)
    -I simply have little confidence in Blaine Gabbert, which makes me feel awful for Justin Blackmon. MJD likely will need some time to warm back up after his holdout as well.

    31. Cleveland Browns (4-12)
    -Simply put, the Browns are a sinking ship IMO, and I think they'll finish as one of the worst teams in football.

    32. Miami Dolphins (6-10)
    -Speaking of the worst team in football, my bet is Miami takes the cake. Rookie quarterback plus awful weapons equals poor season for Miami.

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    Re: Nick's ClanRam Power Rankings - End of Preseason

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    8. Philadelphia Eagles (8-8)
    -Can Michael Vick stay healthy? My fantasy teams depend on it. If he can, the Eagles will be a team to watch in 2012.
    And so will your fantasy teams...

    I think you're giving the Giants a bit too much credit, or perhaps I am doing the normal thing and not giving them enough credit. But they're very banged up to start the year and I think they'll start slow. Now, since the NFL started this opening night with the defending champs, the champs have never lost. Far be it from me to argue with history. They win on Wednesday, but they lose a few early after that.

    At the same time, I think everyone is doubting the Saints. The offense knows the offense(Nick Toon is the only new skill player) and Spags put together a good defense here, he just never had an offense to compliment it. Moreso, these guys are angry. They are out for blood against the front office, but the teams will have to pay instead. As much as the leadership they are losing, the desire will keep them on top. I think the Saints will be every bit as scary this year as in the past.
    I believe!

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    Re: Nick's ClanRam Power Rankings - End of Preseason

    I saw on the NFL NETWORK last night that they also had the Colts ahead of us. That's a head scratcher for me.

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    Re: Nick's ClanRam Power Rankings - End of Preseason

    Quote Originally Posted by laram0 View Post
    I saw on the NFL NETWORK last night that they also had the Colts ahead of us. That's a head scratcher for me.
    The Colts can't be too great of a team considering that Justin King was starting for them right up until they traded for Vontae Davis.

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    Re: Nick's ClanRam Power Rankings - End of Preseason


    Nice effort as usual. you continue to be a class act on this board.

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    Re: Nick's ClanRam Power Rankings - End of Preseason

    Nice job Nick. It is hard to dispute your rankings until we see some games. I sense we will have some new teams that enter the elite category and some that will drop down from that group this year. More so than in past years. Like everyone else here I hope the Rams climb up these rankings very quickly, and I am confident they will. Keep up the good work.

    Go Rams!

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