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    Nick's Mailbag - May 13

    Wednesday, May 13, 2009

    Alex Dyer

    Hello Nick. I live in Los Angeles and was recently shocked to learn that the old Rams office on Pico Blvd. is still the Rams office. I have noticed some activity around the office recently and was really curious on what goes on and why do the Rams still have their Los Angeles office? Thanks.

    NW: The Rams have always maintained the Pico office since departing for St. Louis. Itís mainly there for a few employees who still do work for the club, mainly in accounting and general counsel. Thereís also a small Tustin office in Santa Ana that is used in a similar fashion.



    Thanks for the great info! What ever happened to Adam Archuleta? Is he still in the league?

    NW: After signing a monster contract with Washington, Archuleta was traded because he was ineffective. He went to Chicago, where he struggled and played mainly on special teams. The Bears released him after the 2007 season. He was last with Oakland in the preseason last year but he didnít make it out of training camp with the club. Heís currently a free agent. Itís likely his career is over but fear not for Arch. He and his fiancť (Playmate and model Jennifer Walcott) had their first child, a son in April of last year.

    Rodney McDowell

    Whatís up Nick? Been a fan since Ď98 so Iím excited about all these moves going on this offseason. My question is, I see we have drafted some good defense keys and with the Leonard trade for Harris, how do you think the d-line will shake out? And the O line, how does it look like its going to form?

    NW: The defensive line will be interesting to watch during training camp. Safe to say Chris Long and Leonard Little remain the top two ends (though Victor Adeyanju will probably work in for Little on running downs) with James Hall as the top pass rushing backup on the outside. On the inside is where potential battles could take place. You have Adam Carriker, Clifton Ryan, Darell Scott and Orien Harris with a couple of intriguing youngsters in Antwon Burton and Willie Williams who could figure into the mix. Hard to say how that will shake out when all is said and done.

    Juan Acosta

    Hi Nick, I have 3 questions .1. How do you think the Rams did in the Draft this year?? 2. How did the Rams improve their teams this year? 3. Will the Rams ever return to the exciting teams they use to be?

    NW: 1. It remains to be seen but I donít see much reason for complaint. First two picks are immediate impact guys and all picks filled needs.

    2. They bolstered themselves at a lot of positions with young, up and coming players. You got three starters in free agency and likely at least two in the draft. Thatís a pretty quality offseason. And you added the guy I thought was the best coaching candidate available to run the show.

    3. It depends on your definition of exciting. The Greatest Show on Turf days are over. That was a special place and time. But if you mean in terms of winning games, then yes the Rams will return to being a competitor in the not so distant future.

    Robert Stika

    With all the young, up-coming talent that the Rams have in the WR corps, do you think the Rams may be still interested in bringing Dane Looker back? I always liked him and he shouldn't kill the salary cap and can provide some vet leadership for the newer guys. Thanks Nick....

    NW: Thatís still a slight possibility but it doesnít seem as likely as it once did. Brooks Foster is wearing No. 89 now.

    Mike Dumas

    Nick, though many regard the Rams draft as boring and not filling some immediate needs, I really like what they did. Taking Smith was a no-brainer in my opinion. Coupled with signing Jason Brown and Jacob Bell having another season in the system could, and should, make for a very solid O-line. That will alleviate the pressure to draft there next year, where they can fill other holes, notably on defense and the WR position. Thanks, Mike Dumas.

    NW: No question here but I just wanted to post this. Agree with you on all points. Sometimes the best moves arenít the ones that draw the headlines in April. They are the ones that draw the headlines during the season because the team is winning games.

    Ed Johnson

    Dear Nick - With the release of Pisa, are the Rams considering bringing in for depth Antwan Peek and/or Napoleon Harris? Both are big, physical linebackers that are actually bigger than what we currently have on the roster!

    NW: Not sure about interest in any specific linebackers but the Rams will continue to monitor the free agent market for help at any and all positions.

    Miguel Jimenez

    Hey nick thanks for everything you do. I just have a quick question now that Pisa is a FA. Whatís gonna happen at strong side LB. Craft? What about Freddy Keiaho whoís still available I think.... for your time.

    NW: I assume by Craft you meant Draft. And yes, itís likely Chris Draft will be the starter there. Quinton Culberson and Larry Grant could get long looks also.

    Scott Kauffman

    Hi Nick,

    I was wondering if you could offer any insight on some of the coaches on the Ram staff. Obviously I'm aware of Spagnuolo, but what about Ken Flajole, Steve Loney, and Brendan Daly. I singled these three out because I think their contribution to getting the O-line, D-line and defense in general playing at a top notch level is going to be a major factor to the Ram success. The Rams can draft all the great players they want, but hand in hand with that will be a coaching staff that knows how to get the best out of the players. Your thoughts on these three? And thanks again for the job you do in keeping all of us Ram fans up to date. I'm very enthused about the Ram team that will line up this year. I believe a lot of positive things have been happening in the offseason, and was pleased with their draft.

    NW: Scott, hard to answer your questions because I havenít had much of a chance to be around them with the exception of Loney. I think Loney does a really good job and the linemen I talk to seem to really like and respect the job he does. Thereís a good reason he was kept on board when Spagnuolo was hired. Hoping to do a series of features this summer on the assistant coaches that will give everyone the chance to get to know these guys and their coaching styles a little bit more.

    Ronald Allen

    I used to have seasonal tickets to Bidwellís cardinal team and thru the years Iíve wondered where George Boone wound up. Well today itís obvious-------He lives and works in Oakland, Ca.

    NW: Nicely played, Ronald.

    Sean Smith

    All right Nick, we all need some of your impressive insight and wisdom on this one. Why did the Rams release Pisa Tinoisamoa? I mean I know he spent a couple season with injury issues, but last year he was healthy and played well. I have always enjoyed watching Pisa. He did a great job of finishing tackles and just did an outstanding job as a Linebacker. I can think of a few other names I would have expected to see on the chopping block before I saw Pisa getting cut, so please help make sense of this.

    NW: This was easily the most asked question this week but Iím sure by now most people understand the reasoning behind the move. The Rams moved Witherspoon to the weak side spot and drafted James Laurinaitis. That rendered Tinoisamoa a backup or a potential starter on the strong side. Although heís a warrior, Tinoisamoa is a bit on the small side to play on the strong side and heís a bit too costly to be a backup on the weak side. The move saved the Rams about $2.25 million and will give the coaching staff an opportunity to take a long look at some of the talented young linebackers on the roster including Chris Chamberlain, Larry Grant and David Vobora.

    Courtney Houchens

    Do you think the rams will pick Willie McGinest or Derrick Brooks for a line backer and do you think the Rams will get wideouts like Burress, Plaxico Booker, Marty Booker and will Dante Hall come back to the Rams?

    NW: In a word, no.

    Adolfo Garcia

    Which of the undrafted free agents have a chance to make the team?

    NW: Hard to say because itís so early but if you look at positions of needed depth, there are a few guys who could figure into the mix. As it stands, the Rams only have one true center in Jason Brown (though Mark Setterstrom has worked there in minicamps). That makes Daniel Sanders an intriguing possibility. At tackle, you have Barron, Smith and Goldberg, leaving another potential opening for a fourth tackle such as Phil Trautwein. At the conclusion of the May minicamp, Marc Bulger said he liked what he saw from some of the young receivers, which could make for some intriguing competition as well.

    Roger Koopman


    Loved your story on Keith Null. It will be interesting to watch that young man develop.

    You'll be getting a hundred questions on the Tinoisamoa move, no doubt. What strikes me, is why the Rams didn't jump all over Aaron Curry to play the outside, if they knew they were going to jettison P.T.? But speculations aside, I would like your insight on FA middle linebacker Dominic Douglas. I find him somewhat intriguing. Do you have any early impressions of the guy? Can you envision a scenario where Laurinaitis would play SLB, and Douglas (or someone) would alternate with Draft on running downs?

    NW: I havenít seen enough of Douglas to have much insight for you quite yet, sorry. I would be surprised if, in the opening game against Seattle, the Rams donít have Will Witherspoon at weakside linebacker, Laurinaitis in the middle and Draft on the strong side. It will take one heck of a camp for Douglas to land a roster spot, let alone a starting position.

    Dale Kokesh

    KC traded Gonzalez for a 2nd rounder next year and everyone really questioned this, but he was going to demand out and the Chief would have had to let him go, just like we did with Holt. We should have considered trading Holt last year during the trade deadline, because he wanted out and THEN we could have got something for him. I sure hope Spags can turn it around this year, but if not, is there anyone, like DE Little, who could demand to get out of town and some team might give us something for him if someone needs a pass rusher to make a playoff run.

    NW: Way too early to get into any of that. Safe to say, though, that Devaney is always looking for ways to improve the roster and thereís no reason to think that will stop when the season starts.

    Frank Layana

    In what position are the Rams looking for more help, through free agency?

    NW: All of them, according to Devaney.

    Lee Mayfair

    Hello sir,

    Real quick to my question, what is your take on the undrafted free agent o-linemen? Allen-6'2" 326, Feinga-6'4" 337, Sanders-6'2" 316, Oswald-6'8" 330, and Trautwein-6'6" 310. Three d-linemen also. Nice! What do you think?

    NW: Like I stated above on Douglas, hard to have much of a take on any of these guys just yet. Oswald was released. I like Allenís potential a lot. Heís raw but heís awfully strong from what I can tell and could turn out to be a hidden gem. Trautwein was also pretty solid in the small sample size of the rookie minicamp.


    Hey, Nick!

    Donnie Avery mentioned during Super Bowl week on KFNS 590 that he might change his number this he? I want an Avery jersey, but don't want to spend the money if he's going to change his number.


    NW: As of the most recent minicamp, heís still wearing 17. Iíll let you know if that changes.

    John Newcomer


    Do you think it would be a good idea for the Rams to try out Donnie Avery on kick return? Some coaches say offense, defense, and special teams are equal, but it would expose him to injuries would it not?

    NW: Itís not too likely you will see Avery on kickoff returns. At this point, heís the teamís No. 1 receiver and itís a bit risky to use him in that capacity. He might make some cameos there eventually but it wonít be a regular gig.

    Brian H.

    Hey Nick. Do you see a positive attitude in this years team. As a 35 year Rams fan I noticed a lot of subpar performances ( Lack of effort and passion) in the past few years team. Do you see the new coaching staff keeping this squad from falling back to the attitude of same ol Rams. Thanks, keep up the great work.

    NW: Itís awfully early to get a good feel for the teamís psyche but from all indications, everyone is enthusiastic and embracing the changes.

    Mark Sokol

    Two questions for you. How soon until we see the top draft picks being signed to contracts? Not much was said on the release of Pisa. What happened?

    NW: Usually the draft picks start signing two to three weeks before training camp. Sometimes sooner, depending on the organization. With a new regime, handling the negotiations, weíll have to wait and see on when those contracts start getting done. See earlier answer on Tinoisamoa.

    Ji Cottrill

    Hi Nick!

    Ji from Australia again!

    Just wondering what rookies are going to have their jerseys printed as stock standards, and is there any way to purchase names other than the ones listed on the site? I have spent almost a year trying to get Leonard Little's jersey, but would also be interested in a Laurinaitis jersey!

    This seems to be a common issue with Aussie fans!

    NW: Here on, you can already purchase Jason Smith or Laurinaitis jerseys in the authentic home blue. They are also available in the replica home blue but not in the whites just yet. Those are the only two rookies I would expect to be sold stock standard. Also, if you are searching for any jersey, there is the personalize option with the authentic jerseys that allows you to put any name and number on there so you could get a Little jersey that way. Also, if you want a replica jersey with any name or number, simply go to, click on shop, click on custom and then click on jerseys and you can customize any jersey (authentic or replica) from there.

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    Re: Nick's Mailbag - May 13

    All the people that asked Nick questions need to just join the Clan. The experts here could have handled any and all those questions.

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    Re: Nick's Mailbag - May 13

    Were there any questions up there that HAVEN'T been brought up here before? And by before, I mean months ago for some of them.

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    Re: Nick's Mailbag - May 13

    haha, yeah... nothing new here that hasn't already been discussed at length on the clan boards.

    you guys should know... even when i'm not posting, i skulk thru all the time to stay abreast of Ram nation issues.

    Many thanks to all who post here! go rams!

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