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    Nicks Notes | April 4th |
    Tuesday, April 4, 2006

    Rachel Bennett, San Francisco: Has Claude Terrell lost any weight? Gained any muscle definition? Has Alex Barron been developing that magnificent body of his as well?

    NW: From seeing Terrell around the facility, it appears Terrell is on his way to improving his physique and, perhaps, his conditioning. Terrell appears to have dropped around 15 pounds so far and is a little more defined. His weight loss wasn't as obvious as Richie Incognito's, but it seems he's on his way. Terrell could certainly use the improved conditioning to help him improve his quickness and his pass blocking. It's hard to tell if Barron has changed his body structure much as he was already in excellent shape. He could probably improve his strength some and I would imagine it will be improved by the time training camp rolls around. It's safe to expect big things from Barron this year.

    Shantanu Vitkar, Peoria, Ill.: How do you see the Rams offense performing this season with Scott Linehan calling plays ? I assume we will be seeing balanced play calls with a good mixture of running plays that will set up the play action passes and deep balls ?

    NW: It's safe to assume that the offense will be more balanced, but I don't think it should be assumed that it's going to be a 50/50 split. Yes, Linehan had pretty balanced offenses in Miami and Minnesota, perhaps more so in Miami. But given the talent in place here, don't expect things to change that drastically. The difference will be noticeable in that you will see more short drops and intermediate passing routes, but the aggressiveness of the offense won't change much. Linehan wants to attack on both sides of the ball and that means using your best weapons. That means Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce and Kevin Curtis will be kept busy again while Steven Jackson's workload continues to expand.

    Ignacio Del Villar, Grand Terrace, Calif.: What's the word on Tony Fisher? I looked at some of the 2005 Packer preseason previews from last year and they all pretty much made Fisher out to be an intelligent pass catching 3rd down back who knows his assignments and can block.

    NW: What you saw is what you get. Fisher is a prototype third down back with the ability to catch the ball out of the back field and is a solid blocker in the passing game also. He isn't particularly fast or elusive, but he knows what he's doing and is a good pass catcher. He has a good chance to stick unless the Rams can find a back in the draft that can fill a similar role and also return kicks.

    Eric Nagel, Edmonds, Wash.: Whats happened to Kevin Curtis? I know he is a restricted free agent, but he will likely get a moderately big contract, and do we have the money left for him (and the draft!) Do you suppose we put the 1st rounder on him to see if we could get another 1st round pick?

    NW: As you know, Curtis is a restricted free agent and he has been tendered at the first-round level, meaning he got a one-year offer for in excess of $1 million. And, if another team makes him an offer, the Rams have matching rights. Should they choose to let him go, they would be compensated with a first-round choice. As it stands, it seems unlikely that Curtis is going to get a big contract offer from any other team, especially with Seattle signing Nate Burleson to such a large contract. Most teams aren't going to be willing to give Curtis the kind of money it would take for the Rams not to match the offer or the first-round choice it would take to get him. It's likely that he will take the one-year tender offer and the team will look to negotiate a long-term deal with him next year.

    Steve Cerminaro, Edina, Minn.: I just wanted to get your take on Ryan Pickett. I'm a Packer fan and I'm not exactly sure what this guy has done. From reading the Wisconsin media, it seems like he kind of underachieved his first couple years, and then turned it on the last couple of years. I know he was a high draft pick, but is he really coming on, or did his play get better because it was his contract year?

    NW: Steve, as many Rams fans know, I have been a proponent of Pickett's for some time and I believe he was unfairly lumped in as a first-round bust with the likes of Damione Lewis. Pickett was one of the best performers on the defense a year ago and made an inordinate number of tackles for someone playing his position. He did underachieve some at the beginning of his career, but he had some injury issues at that time and wasn't in real good shape. I believe he really is coming on and I don't think his effort last year was an anomaly. The Rams wanted to keep him and that tells you all you need to know about him considering the way the defense performed last year.

    Jason Thomas, Des Moines, Iowa: I was just wondering instead of trading up for a guy like Mario Williams or AJ Hawk, is it possible that the Rams will take a look at trading up a few spots for Michael Huff?

    NW: It isn't likely that the Rams would look to move up to get Huff, but it's hard to tell because they haven't finalized their draft board yet. It seems that Huff will probably fall into a range that is more reasonable for the Rams to trade up to than say Hawk or Williams, but I don't think they would move up to get anyone unless it was Hawk, Williams or perhaps Vernon Davis. Huff is a solid player, but he isn't necessarily that much better than the other defensive backs available and probably isn't worth the first day pick you'd have to give up to get him. It's not out of the question, but it's also not likely.

    Joey Manilla, Hermitage, Penn.: I was wandering what the chances were of us drafting Jimmy Williams? He is great for the corner postion and he could be an impact player on defense. He ran a fast 40 at the combine, but I have heard that he has attitude what are the chances?

    NW: I have not been much of a proponent of Williams because of the attitude and off the field issues, but there is no doubting his physical abilities. However, he kind of falls into the same category as Huff in that he doesn't have a clear position between safety or cornerback and he isn't considered to be that much better than some of the other defensive backs in the draft. Considering where the Rams are in the first round, Williams will likely be available, but it will depend on what other players are available. Of course there's a need for help at corner, but there are other needs such as defensive line and linebacker help. Some in the organization are high on Florida State cornerback Antonio Cromartie and others such as Tye Hill and Jonathan Joseph will be considered as much as Williams.

    Fred Clarke, Springfield, Mo.: I was wondering if any of our players are pals in the offseason or during the season. Like who hangs out together after the game or during the week. Is Marshall Faulk pals with Tory Holt etc....I think it would be fun to know and I think those types of relationships help the players to gel as a team.

    NW: An interesting question that is hard to answer because things are much different in the offseason than during the season. Players part ways after the season and do their own thing for a while and during the season the day to day grind doesn't leave much time for hanging out. I do know there is plenty of camaraderie in the locker room and some guys are very close friends. A small sampling of the guys that I know hang out pretty regularly are the obvious doughnut brothers connection of Andy McCollum and Adam Timmerman, Blaine Saipaia and Larry Turner, Alex Barron and Claude Terrell, Steven Jackson and Aveion Cason, Anthony Hargrove and Brian Howard (this duo likes to be called Salt and Pepper), among others. Basically, all of the players at every position are close, especially the offensive line.

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    Re: Nicks Notes | April 4th |

    "Some in the organization are high on Florida State cornerback Antonio Cromartie"

    Sounds good,I would have no problems picking him

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    Re: Nicks Notes | April 4th |

    Quote Originally Posted by Rip32
    "Some in the organization are high on Florida State cornerback Antonio Cromartie"

    Sounds good,I would have no problems picking him

    any videos of him? I've never even heard of the guy haha
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: Nicks Notes | April 4th |

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    Re: Nicks Notes | April 4th |

    Im not sure on a first round CB, i feel there are other areas that are still of much greater need, like SLB, S, DE, TE, DT and interior OL

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    Re: Nicks Notes | April 4th |

    Is Marshall Faulk pals with Tory Holt etc....I think it would be fun to know and I think those types of relationships help the players to gel as a team.
    ..and don't forget that Marshall and Avenger Ram are good friends....and he has proof!

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    Gotta love Rachel...LMAO

    Rachel Bennett, San Francisco: Has Claude Terrell lost any weight? Gained any muscle definition? Has Alex Barron been developing that magnificent body of his as well?

    Too funny. At least we have whiner being a RAMs fan...and Nick's response was great! do you answer that?
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    Re: Nicks Notes | April 4th |

    Cromartie is quick. Can he return kicks?


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