1. PATRIOTS: Brady throws two INTs and the Pats had a little bit of trouble against the Cards, but they continue their winning streak with a solid road win.

2. EAGLES: First off, Owens did NOT make the catch last night. But the Eagles defense shut down Moss's deep game and McNabb proved he's still quite dangerous on the run.

3. COLTS: Indy had a good showing against Tennessee, including 21-0 in the 4th quarter, being penalized only twice, and not allowing the Titans to convert on any of their three fourth down attempts.

4. VIKINGS: Daunte completed 79% of his passes and the Vikes were in this game until the officials robbed them of it. They'll be much more dangerous when they get Bennett back.

5. SEATTLE: As impressive as shutting Deuce McAllister down is, the Seahawks haven't exactly played great-looking teams to become 2-0. Their win against TB wasn't that great. Still, it's a feat worth noting.

6. JETS: Pennington has a rating of 124.3 and Martin is averaging over five yards a carry after two games. The defense made Drew Brees look like Drew Brees, but buckled on fourth down.

7. TITANS: The Titans beat a weak Dolphins team and lost to the Colts. Not exceptionally impressive thus far, but Chris Brown looks like the real deal out there. Eddie who?

8. FALCONS: The Atlanta Vicks are 2-0 and Michael proved a lot of doubters wrong this weekend. But the Falcons have struggled on third down and barely squeeked out a win against the ***** in Week 1.

9. BALTIMORE: I don't know what happened in Week 1, but the Ravens looked pretty good against the Steelers last weekend. Kyle Boller actually showed some good scrambling ability, but what's going on with Jamal Lewis?

10. PACKERS: Green Bay looked sharp against Carolina but buckled to Chicago at home. Perhaps the Packers just whiffed on one here, because with their talent, I wouldn't rule them out of the NFC North hunt.

11. LIONS: The Lions are 2-0 after beating the Bears and the Texans. Probably not worth getting this worked up about, but Roy Williams looks like a veteran out there and could be just what Harrington needs.

12. PANTHERS: No one should be getting that excited about Foster having a big day against the Chiefs' defense, but Carolina bounced back well after losing Smith and Davis.

13. RAMS: The Rams should have beat Arizona by much more and were in the game against Atlanta until the end. They started 1-1 last season, so no one should be planning their top ten pick on their draft board yet.

14. JAGUARS: Undefeated, but who have they played? A weak Buffalo team and the Broncos. Their run defense is impressive, but Leftwich hasn't showed me much. Still, you have to recognize the record.

15. REDSKINS: Clinton Portis is always dangerous, but with Brunell out, Ramsey is going to have to improve on what he did against the Giants.... the Giants!! How can you create seven turnovers and still be in the game!?

16. BRONCOS: Yes, Quentin Griffin looked like Barry Sanders against the Chiefs in Week One, but he looked like just another scrub against the Jags. The Denver offense needs to show me something if they want some respect.

17. CHIEFS: They can't be as bad as their 0-2 record implies, can they? They still have what looks to be a very explosive offense. They just need to do something with it. I won't say anything about their defense, for fear of Eric Hicks.

18. COWBOYS: They seemed to hang in there with Minnesota in Week One, but just squeeked out against the Browns in Week Two. With Julius Jones out, Vinnie's going to have to learn to throw 35+ times a game because Eddie George won't be able to carry their load.

19. BROWNS: The Browns surprised the Ravens and played a close game to the Cowboys. But they're not going anywhere with Garcia completing 29% of his throws and being picked off three times.

20. BENGALS: They hung tough with the Jets but barely beat the Dolphins. Palmer has looked decent for his first two starts, but I don't think they've made huge strides since last season. Rudi Johnson certainly needs to step it up.

21. STEELERS: I fully expect Tommy Maddox to lose his starting job due to injury. Ben Roethlisberger is going to need a couple games to get into the feel of things, but he looked strong against the Ravens at times and will make plays for the Steelers.

22. BEARS: Lovie Smith said he wanted to beat the Packers, and he's done that. Now he's got 13 other teams to worry about, including a rematch against Green Bay, and on top of it he's lost his defensive captain. Have fun, Lovie.

23. RAIDERS: They look like they have a decent defense, but then again, they played Pittsburgh and Buffalo. They have no running game at all, and I've heard of two of their receivers. It's only a matter of time before Gannon blows this.

24. CARDINALS: I'll be the first to say that the Cardinals are a more dangerous team than people give them credit for. They were very much in the game against the Rams and Pats. Once some of their players get healthy, this could be a surprisingly good team.

25. SAINTS: Aaron Brooks is a weapon, but the Saints lost their best offensive player when Deuce McAllister went down with a high ankle sprain. FF owners around the world shed tears, as did Jim Haslett as he continues to watch his job slip away.

26. BILLS: The offense looks pretty bad, but the defense has some talent that can compete. But 0-2 after losing to Jacksonville and Oakland isn't a good start. Neither Travis Henry or Willis McGahee has looked very sharp, in my opinion.

27. CHARGERS: They looked sharp against the Texans, and played the Jets at least somewhat closely. But I'm not confident in their passing game, even with Flutie at the helm. And their defense has not been impressive at all.

28. GIANTS: A win for this squad is nice, but what team has seven turnovers given to them and still lets the opponent remain in the game? A bad one, that's who. When you go one for thirteen on third down, you're not getting the job done.

29. *****: They should have won against New Orleans, and almost beat the Falcons. The team has some talent, but just can't seem to put it away in the end. Until they do so, they're not going to shed their stigma of being one of the worst in the league.

30. BUCCANEERS: The Bucs held the Seahawks to ten points. Their defense looks like it might be on the way back up, but their offense is pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. The fact that Brad Johnson is in danger of losing his job to Chris Simms should show how bad of shape they are offensively.

31. TEXANS: What happened to the break out year I predicted for this team? When you go 0-2 against the Chargers and Lions, people start to wonder. But Carr is completing 71% of his throws, and Andre Johnson should develop into a quality target.

32. DOLPHINS: Dead last, that's right. Their defense looked better against the Bengals, but couldn't secure a win against the inexperienced Carson Palmer. Lamar Gordon barely averaged more than one yard per carry. The Dolphins need help, badly.