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Thread: niners game

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    dantheram Guest

    niners game

    i know the niners were bad last year, but i don't think we should underestimate them. they've improved a lot and had a strong preseason (but so did we). if we're not careful, we could very easily lose this game.

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    Re: niners game

    The Rams have had a lot of questions around them mostly on defense. They will come out trying to show what they have this season. I don’t think they will under estimate them. If we do lose to the Niners we should hang it up because if we can’t beat them we are not going to beat anyone.

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    psycho9985 Guest

    Re: niners game

    Rattay is a decent QB and he knows the westcoast.We wont keep them scoreless,because the have some good wide outs and a good runningback(when he doesnt fumble),BUT their o-line is bad news.Look for little and Hargrove to combine for 6 sacks causing fumbles and INTs we win 28-10


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