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    No More Strike

    I went on strike thinking I would be back in here in no time. I also figured with the season going as bad as it is I could switch focus to becoming a Correctional Officer. I take my exam next week wish me luck. Back to the matter at hand, I found myself feeling bad about not posting on this board as I have done the last 4 seasons. Hell it might even be 5. I fealt like a frontrunner. Anyways im back now and I still love my Rams. I still have a shirt on every Monday after we lose to show the true dedication of a fan. I will be attending the whiners game in a couple weeks and hopefully I can get to meet some more of the clan.

    P.S DEZ you were right about my strike and yes I know everyone USC is not a great team this year.

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    Re: No More Strike

    I missed a few weeks early this season prior to returning, less a strike, and more of a bad tummy ache when Rams subject came up. My buddy just applied for Corrections Officer here (NE). Best of luck on the test. GoRams!

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