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    No offense, but Rams have no offense ..

    BY ROGER HENSLEY | Posted: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 12:18 pm

    QUESTION: The NFC West is looking even weaker than most prognisticators predicted before the season’s start. But that doesn’t matter when the Rams continue to hand away winnable games. In your opinion, what is one key thing that you think MUST happen for the Rams to secure their first win and get that monkey off their back?


    The defensive goal of most teams, Rams included, is to hold the opponent to 17 points or less. It hasn’t always looked pretty, but the Rams have done that both Sundays this season and still lost. So ... they must find a way – some way, any way – to get into the 20s points-wise or it will be a long Sunday and a long season.


    The Rams’ offensive coaches must find a way to counter the opponent’s predictable strategy of loading the box to make it difficult for Steven Jackson to find running room. Any success the Rams will have offensively starts with their ability to grind it out via the rush. A strong running attack reduces the number of disadvantageous down-distance situations for rookie QB Sam Bradford. And the run sets up play-action passes for Bradford, who executes the play fakes very well. If the Rams cannot run, Bradford won’t have much chance to make plays and the offense will bog down, as it did for most of the second half at Oakland.


    The culture of losing is a hard thing to break. But I really think the solution is pretty simple: Somebody – anybody – has to make a play at a crucial time in a game that puts the Rams in solid position to win. The Rams don’t have many difference-makers on their roster, which makes that even more difficult to achieve.


    The Rams are playing aggressive defense with pretty good results, despite the injuries and personnel limitations. Now they must do the same on the other side of the ball. The offense must develop an attacking mentality. It needs to muscle up on its run blocking to create seams for Steven Jackson and better down-and-distance situations for Sam Bradford. Then they need to take more aerial shots down the field to balance up the attack. Ball control is a great concept for good teams, but bad teams need to make big plays to have any chance at winning.


    Quit being knuckleheads. If the Rams had avoided personal fouls and made a mid-range field goal, the outcome of Sunday’s game likely would have been a victory. Play smart. Play disciplined.


    Keep Sam Bradford out of 2nd-and-long and 3rd-and-long situations. If the Rams can sustain a running game – a clever offensive attack – that can happen. But it has to be creative. Predictability will kill this offense

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    Re: No offense, but Rams have no offense ..

    Spot on, Kathleen Nelson! "Quit being knuckleheads, Play Smart, Play disciplined."

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    Re: No offense, but Rams have no offense ..

    We were 1 play away from winning both of our first 2 games.

    1 PLAY!

    GO RAMS!

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