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Thread: No Surprises

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    No Surprises

    Guess it wasn't a big surprise the Rams took Bradford. Considering all the possible combos the Rams could have done in the draft, this is a huge investiment.

    Still am not sure this was the wiser of all the moves. Suh would have been a better pick at number one and hope to pick up McCoy or other QB in second round.

    The reasoning is simple, considering all the investments in defense this year in older players, the Rams also need a long term war horse. And consider the Rams are soft in terms of offensive depth at the skill possitions, the time it takes to develop a QB, and the division is the weakest in the NFL, a number one pick like Bradford would likely not be as affective.

    A dominate defense as seen over and over again can get a team to the play offs and to the Superbowl.

    Still there is no crytal ball to fortell the future and the NFL is full of would haves, could haves, and should haves. Now that the obvious has happened it comes down to rounds 2 and 3 to get a better grasp what team the Rams field in 2010

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    Re: No Surprises

    Oooooooo----you started a draft thread that wasn't moderator initiated.

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    Re: No Surprises

    Go SB!

    Well, now I can forget about Suh (draft wise only) ... ponder on the new day in Rams Nation by way of Sam-eeeeeee!

    1st on the agenda, though nothing new: P R O T E C T this man / investment. Then help him help us.

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