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    stlouy Guest

    Talking No worry about crowd noise!!

    Watching the GB game on the tube, I was impressed by the loudness of the fans & the timeliness of their cheering.

    Talking with a few of the regular attendees, they stated that they had never heard it so loud!

    A huge tip 'o the RAMS cap to all those Fans who deafened the Dome! You all came through with flying colors!

    I just hope you have not lost your voices for this week!

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    ramcrazy Guest
    I did lose my voice at the game
    But have no fear, just like Kurt,
    I have not been talking as much this week and therefore will be ready to strain the vocal cords once again this Sunday.

    The dome was very loud.
    I bring my radio to the game so I can follow what is going on. The P.A. system there stinks, and I can never hear the calls.

    Anyway, good thing I had the head phones on otherwise my ears my have been damaged also.

    It was awesome!!!

    Go Rams

    It's hunting season and Eagles are now in season.

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    It sounded like the DOME was rocking on the radio GREAT ATMOSPHERE wish I could of been there!!!!

    My voice has not reappeared fully yet from sunday and I have a SNEAKY feeling I might be squeaking at the game on the radio, O well I'll DAMN TRY AND MAKE SOME NOISE!!!

    :angryram: RAMS FOREVER!!!!!

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    DJRamFan Guest
    ya know, i love loud stadiums, but i think there are some serious problems with the dome formerly known as TWA...The biggest of which is the music sucks, period. The songs are old, cheesy, and don't pump anybody up. Get more lively music and i bet the crowd will respond.

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    ramcrazy Guest
    I agree.

    The best thing thing they have done recently is, since the media calls the rams the "Greatest Show on Earth" when they are announcing the Rams

    They play the song...."The Show That Never Ends" by Emerson Lake and Palmer

    "Welcome Back My Friends, to the show that never ends, we're so glad you could attend, come inside come inside. (dome)

    "Come and see the show, its a dynamo, you've got to see the show."

    It's awesome

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