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    not the best post but it could be true

    ok so lets say the rams do go out and hire a new headcoach and lets say that coach is in fact Bill Cowher or how ever you spell his name. What is the worse that could happen we go 3-13 well we did that last year. start the year 0-5 we did that before and looks like were going to do it again. Make the playoffs hmmmmm sounds like it could happen you know why becuase thats what he does he makes teams contenders me personally would love to have him in now i know there is a 95 percent chance that he wont but it would be cool just like it would be cool if we had Martz as our OC. With Parcells in the front office, getting lovie smith back here to control our defense and have Pete Carrell be the HC.if its not cowher now That is a fantasy and i know it becuase that much ego on one team is like Tyson biting a ear off not good but imagine the glory we would have with the offense of old and a defense that could tackle and a front office spending the money we have man it just makes me shake i love bad that will never happen like i said this is a pointless post but a man can dream a man can dream GO RAMS!!!!!!!!!
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