Found a few tidbits written by someone at Concordia

Wide Receiver/Kick Returner Dante Hall
July 25, 2008
(On his injuries last season)
“I feel like it was a fluke but I have changed a lot of things as far as my approach, diet, and training. That was definitely not acceptable for my standards. I pride myself on not missing games so I definitely did some things in the offseason to make sure that injuries does not happen again. “
(On the competition with younger players who can return)
“Not at all. Is it a part of the NFL. Any skilled position player usually can return so that does not bother me at all. “
“There is always competition so don’t ever make that mistake. We rent our seats; we don’t own them so there will always be competition.”
(On the difference between Kansas City and St. Louis)
“Yeah it was different. Playing with one organization for seven years and then coming over so late. I got in late April and it was a real quick change. I had to try to get housing and adjusted to the new rules and the way they go about practice. It was so brand new for me and I was adjusting throughout the season, this year I know the guys so I feel that it is a different feeling for me this year as opposed to last year.
(On playing time as a receiver)
“Not as much, but I definitely want to get some playing time in. It is very tough being a kick returner because as the game goes along you may not get a return for a quarter and that is very tough to make plays. You want to get you hands on the ball and get into the groove and also block someone.
Having Coach Al Saunders here, I will have the opportunity to do that and it will definitely help me out as far as game day. It is a whole different philosophy from what we had last year and more then anything it will be different for NFC West teams who have not seen it before.”
(On Running Back Steven Jackson not being at training camp)
“You definitely notice it. You hear it all the time; it is the business side of the NFL. He is a guy who will be in shape and come back ready to go. You always want your top guy here in training camp working with you. He deserves it but he has to do what is best for him.”
Center Brett Romberg
July 25, 2008
(On the opportunity of playing this year)
“You want to take advantage of every opportunity you get. Last year Andy (McCollum) played really well and I thought I played really well but I thought it was a toss up. Obviously, whomever they chose would have had to deal with it. I was not comfortable with him being a starter but I could have seen it going that way. “
“They just make their decisions. Things can happen day to day, it may not come down to a coaching decision this camp, there could be an injury or something could happen so you just go in everyday and take one day at a time.”
(On personal improvements from last year to this year)
“I pay more attention to detail. I could be a starter and I have started in the NFL so it is not a questionable thing in my mind. Now, it is a matter of perfecting what it is I am doing and possibly getting more of an edge that last year.”
(On having a healthy Orlando Pace)
“Physically it is self explanatory. Mentally when you are a defensive end who is on the other side of the ball going against a legend like Orland (Pace) I know it is a little more mental work that you need to do. If he is 100 percent or 80 percent it will still be difficult for the other defenses we are going to play.”
(On being at Concordia University Wisconsin)
“So far, so good. They are doing everything they can to accommodate us. They are being great host. The people are super nice up here and they are willing to work things out for us to make us happy.”