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I can see both points here. There were some bright spots, and some not-so-bright spots. But I'm not so sure there was anymore "fire" and "focus" than the preseason opener last year. I think most of that is because that's what most of us want to see, so the perception is that it was there. Well, it was there, but was it really any better than at this time last year? I don't think so. Maybe it's because some of us remember what we saw the final three or four games of the season last year when the Rams were beaten and finished.

It was the first game of the season (albeit preseason) for some of the players, and many of them are fired up just because of that. The Jets were pretty fired up as well from what I saw. Hell, I would expect that when many of them are playing for a job. They'd better be.

While it's true that winning a practice game is NOT important, it is important that some of the guys that missed assignment DO learn from the experience. Particularly the blitz pickup. My gawd it was horrific. How can Jackson and the other rb's not see those blitzes coming? I can see a rook making those mistakes, but Jackson? He had better learn to block and pickup blitzes or Bulger is going to get killed. And speaking of blitzes and pressure. Outside of Little, it appears the Rams still have no one on the front line that can get to the QB. That's a problem area that I worried about and voiced previously, and I've seen nothing that makes me believe it's been fixed.

What also matter from that game is that the Rams defense stuffed the running game, and even though the game meant nothing, they do tend to give a hint as to a teams weaknesses and strengths. Last year we gave up big yards on the ground, and many said, "don't worry, it's only preseason". But guess what? It was a glimpse of things to come. If the effort provided by the run D last night was a glimpse of things to come, I'm one happy camper. They were solid.

But make no mistake, getting out of a preseason game with no major dings is a HUGE deal. This team is young and thin in talent. IF they are to improve and perhaps contend for a playoff spot, the Rams cannot afford to lose anybody. So, getting out of a practice game healthy really does matter as well.
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Personally I'm basing some of that on the way we played against the run. As I remember it we got run over and through to the tune of 300-something yards last year with missed assignments, weak failed attempts at tackling and generally soft, weak play from the whole defense. I think that may be what some people refer to when they say we played with more fire and focus this year, I know that's the case for me personally at least.
If you guys are basing it on D against the run you are back to GC's point. Don't get too excited. The Jets were missing three O linemen. Faneca and Mangold were pro bowlers and Woody at RT might have been the best run blocker. The backups are not really NFL material though Turner looked okay at C. They were also missing pro bowl FB Tony Richardson (that might be the fourth guy the announcer mentioned) and playing Justin Keller a smallish TE that has never really blocked.