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Thread: Is it now "fashionable" to favor the Rams?

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    Is it now "fashionable" to favor the Rams?

    The media is always trying to get ahead of the curve and get behind teams that are on the rise before they "arrive" as a contender. The profile of a "fashionable" team to get behind is typically a team that has shown recent improvement, is near the cusp of playoff contention, and has an influx of talent that can get them to the next level.

    Are the Rams going to be one of 2013's "it" teams?

    I think there is some sentiment in that direction. The Rams were +5.5 in victories from 2011 to 2012. They finished strong, winning four of the their last six. And they had a very good offseason, adding two premium FAs and several proejcted impact rookies.

    Sounds like the perfect formula for a breakout team.

    Nonetheless, I think there will be some reluctance to get fully behind the Rams because of their division rivals, the Niners and Seahawks. To many, these are two elite teams who will contend for the Super Bowl. As a result, they stand as a roadblock to the Rams' rise, at least for the time being.

    In my mind, the Rams can contend in the NFC West this year. If they stay a little healthier than their competition... if they get a few more fortunate bounces... if they have a "surprise" player or two... they could surprise people.

    So who in the media will embrace the Rams?

    We'll see in the coming months.

    I'll say this with confidence, though... by 2014, the bandwagon may start getting very crowded.

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    Re: Is it now "fashionable" to favor the Rams?

    Excellent post AV. Really agree that the media is consumed with Seattle and SF due to their performance last year. I agree that we are "on the way" and this season will be important to learn if the choices we've made are panning out.

    By that I'm not simply alluding to this year's draft choices, but Sam will need to step it up, Michael Brockers will need to become the elite DT, Janoris Jenkins will need to become a shut down CB and Tavon Austin will have to demonstrate that he was worth the move up 8 spots to draft him. Perhaps most importantly, we'll have to show there is life after Steven Jackson on this team. I'm confident all that will happen, but as you said, we'll need to stay healthy and get a few lucky breaks along the way.

    I've never been more excited going into a season as I feel now. Go Rams!

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    Re: Is it now "fashionable" to favor the Rams?

    Well. its certainly fashionable to cheer on the Rams here. But still most of the talk will be about the Cowboys, Packers, and/or Steelers, they are always fashionable bespite lack of success.

    But looking at the divisions AFC/NFC, it seems only the NFC-West is as balanced with 3 teams--and perhaps a 4th (I like what the Cards has done so far). NFC-North seems to be the only other class on parr with potentual elite teams...other then that whats left? NFC-Central looks more like the elite of the circus clowns with Dallas and Washington the likely 2 top teams.

    AFC has good teams, but those are dispersed throughout the conference. Perhaps on the AFC side it will be worth following Pittsburg/Cinn., struggle through a season. But after that does New England have anyone they loose sleep over in their division--or Denver for that matter?

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    Re: Is it now "fashionable" to favor the Rams?

    In a sense, we're like the 2011 Shesquawks. They were under the radar during the 2012 season to contend for a wildcard spot after going 7-9. If we can do what AV said, then we'll get a lot of hype after this coming season.

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