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With all the DC hub-bub, there were a couple of mentions tossed out mentioning Spags.

Is it beyond possible Jeff might bring him back in to be his DC?

We've all noted his reputation as a coordinator and his subsequent failure as a head coach. He certainly has good clay to work with. I'm thinking he'll just be the dude with the whistle and the playchart anyway.

Would the orginization have him back? Would you; or is it just bad politics?
Not only beyond possible but beyond a doubt that Spags will only set foot in St.Louis if the team for which he coaches plays the Rams. Remember this is the guy who removed the photos of the GSOT players and coaches from the walls at the ED; fired the equipment manager because he thought he was character assassinating him behind his back. And on and on it went. 'Hey Spags, the loony bin just called and they can't find one of their residents.'