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    O-line ;; Any Rams QB will be injured

    It's irresponsible to put Bulger or Fitzpatrick in there at this point behind that line.

    Bulger is a Pro-bowler and he's already been battered terribly in his Ram's career.

    Fitzpatrick is young and MANY a young QB has been RUINED by playing behind a bad line. They develop bad mechanics and don't learn to read defenses, because they're running for their lives.

    Martin is our only RESPONSIBLE choice for the rest of the season. There are ramificiations to playing Fitzpatrick that go beyond getting him injured. Playing Fitzpatrick will screw him up and put him behind in his development. Bulger deserves better.

    To me, it's easy to see what Steven Jackson faces out there playing behind that line - and it ain't pretty.


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    Re: O-line ;; Any Rams QB will be injured

    Certainly, Barron's absence was felt yesterday. When he returns, the line will still be problematic, though not necessarily lethal.

    The good news is that there is hope for next year. The key will be for Incognito to play up to expectations and win the RG spot.

    I'm intrigued by the prospect of this line coming together and becoming a unit:

    LT: Pace
    LG: Terrell
    C: McCollum
    RG: Incognito
    RT: Barron


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