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    An objective Bulger thread

    If you read the (mostly negative) comments about Marc Bulger on this board, they merely mirror those on other site threads. At least this board has Rams fans on it who all share a common goal: to return to winning football.

    An apologist is just as bad as someone who is always negative. The Rams made the decision to keep Bulger rather than Warner several years back and it was certainly an understandable decision. Bulger was younger, less expensive and played well, while Warner struggled. Fans, including me envisioned Bulger as an up and coming player who would give us continuity at the position and productive play.

    Truth be told, Bulger has underachieved. Much of it can be attributed to a porous offensive line the past two years as well as a losing culture surrounding him- both perfectly legitimate reasons for his struggles. That said, he also has shown no propensity for overcoming obstacles or leading this team through the tough times. I envisioned a guy who might be the type of QB who eventually might be able to put a team on his back occasionally when the situation warrants it. Bulger isn't even close to having shown he's that type of player.

    Let's recognize that Bulger's struggles are not all his fault- but let's also recognize that the excuses are getting old. He needs to stay healthy, be productive and lead this team, or he'll soon be benched and looking for work. The team invested a lot into him and the returns have been minimal. I've always liked him and want him to succeed, but I'm not spending this season on this board and elsewhere trying to justify poor performance.

    Just get the job done. The team depends on it.

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    Re: An objective Bulger thread

    I am posting in a Marc Bulger thread.

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    Re: An objective Bulger thread

    I can honestly say that's the best Bulger post that I've read all year. It pretty much sums up how I feel as well.

    This is the year that will settle the debate one way or the other I hope (hopefully with a surprisingly strong performance). Hopefully this will also be the last Bulger thread I post in - at least until the regular season (have to be realistic here)

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    Re: An objective Bulger thread

    great post thats right on the mark, the excuses are just as bad as the bashers although I do believe both sides have the right to voice there opinion.

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