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    Observations over 14 games

    There seems many reoccuring themes that underscore the season through 14 games. Taken as a whole this is what I have seen:

    Against PHYSICAL teams like the Vikings/Colts/Titans, the Rams have had their heads handed to them.

    Against the less physical teams Titans/Redskins/Sea Hawks/Cardnals, the Rams where out played.

    MISTAKES! Fumbles-blown coverages-penalties, just too many to list!

    Most damningly, I just see that the Rams where not playing to their talent, and for that I look at play selection, play calling and defensive scheming. Granted the Rams played hard, and didn't role over, but found the most inopportune times to IMPLODE or not find an answer.

    What I am hoping to see this coming off season is an emphisis placed on TOUGHNESS and ATTITUDE. Also an Absolute no nonsense approach to disicipline to address the many mistakes. And lastly, new offensive coordinator. During the games the Rams are not getting it done finding ways to punch in touchdowns, avoid being predictable, and exploiting the few true assets.

    To this Point if the Rams had lost S. Jackson to injury, they would have looked more the part of circus clowns

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    Re: Observations over 14 games

    What kills us is idiocy. The fumbles against Minnesota, the penalties against Seattle in week one, the kick-off against New Orleans as well as that late running-into-the-kicker penalty. Against the Cardinals we had terrible goal-line offense, against Seattle, Boller was awful, and don't get me started on the '9ers game.
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    Re: Observations over 14 games

    At 1-13, not too much to really look upon as couldda wouldda shoudda

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    Re: Observations over 14 games

    In regard to mistakes, when your team is comprised of mostly youngsters like ours is, this is, to a certain degree to be expected. These things will work themselves out with time, although we shouldn't be using it as excuse by any means.

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