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    Observations from this week

    1. Travis Fisher is completely lost. He can't find it with both hands. I don't know what has happened, but it has happened. He was once a promising talent, now he is pure liability.

    2. On the subject of corners.......Fisher, Groce, and Ivy are all nickel backs, nothing more. The problem is, Ivy is the only one playing NB. How many times will we have to see Fisher and Groce get beat before we make Bartell a starter?

    3. Wasted time-out, botched trick plays, abandoning the careful Vitt, that's the stuff that got the "other" guy run out of town.

    4. My stomach quakes everytime we go to our one of our coverage packages. And needless to say, it's been quaking more than it should be.

    5. An OC opposing the Rams may be the easiest job in the NFL...........spread the field and run the ball. It's just that easy. Don't get over complicated. Go to a 3 or 4 receiver set and let the Rams put in their nickel package. At this point, run at will. This has been beating us all year long, and we've yet to show we can stop it.

    6. How can you not like Furrey? A receiver trying to learn a brand new position, and now he has to start. He may not be refined, but he's been a playmaker so far.

    7. Matching the Panthers offer sheet to Manu may rank as one of the top 10 mistakes in the history of the Rams.

    8. Bulger, who NEVER shows any sign of emotion on the field, actually looked frustrated yesterday. That's bothersome. Granted, most of us would have been pulling out our hair long ago, but for Bulger to show ANY sign........well, it just doesn't inspire hope in this fan, anyway.

    9. How can an entire defense over-pursue on cutback runs? You would think at least 1 in 11 would stay in their lane.

    10. It's frightening to see what this offense is when you remove the breakneck speed and precision route running. We become very, very normal.......and a normal offense will not make up for a horrible defense.

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    Re: Observations from this week

    So what have you pointed to?

    A defense which remains suspect. A secondary which cannot tackle, cover or instill slobber-knocking fear. A LBing corps that still seems weak on both run stopping and coverage skills. And a d-line whose occasional play is so noteworthy only because it is so seldom.

    An offense which is predicatable. You have a wimp-wristed TE who makes a very nice catch only to run out of bounds immediately thereafter. In fact he chose to run out of bounds on both of his first catches. You've got a WR whose strength is measured by whether he can lift his ass off the field after being bumped completely out of his route. A QB who is going to be IR'ed because he keeps looking for the 25 yarder.

    And a FO who found parts for the car, but failed to appreciate the car was built under the metric system and now have mismatched parts from top to bottom.

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    Re: Observations from this week

    7. Matching the Panthers offer sheet to Manu may rank as one of the top 10 mistakes in the history of the Rams.
    I wonder if Martz concurred. I'd be willing to bet he did.


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    Re: Observations from this week

    I disagree with you on Groce. He has played very nicely at times. I think Bartell should be the starter and Groce the #2 guy. Ivy should remain NCB. I dont really care what you do with Fisher. Put him in at DCB or throw him in the river. He doesnt deserve to be on the field.


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