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Thread: Offensive and Defensive Coordinators

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    Re: Offensive and Defensive Coordinators

    Quote Originally Posted by Rambos View Post
    It's 12 million for the last two years on his deal.
    I'm not sure if a team hires him he would forfeit his monies due. I doubt that is in his contract. Maybe if the Rams hired him and paid him 2 million then the Lions would owe him 10 Mil. I could see that.
    I have seen some of the contracts head coaches have in other sports and it GENERALLY is written to where if you're a HC that gets fired by Team 1 and then re-hired as a HC by Team 2, the first team is off the hook. When you accept a lesser position with lesser money, usually the first team has to pick up the difference for a time, which was negotiated up-front before.

    It's not always cut and dried like that and I have no idea what Schwartz's contract with Detroit looks like but they are on the hook for 12mil right now to him, just like the skins are going to pay Shanahan 7mil next year because no one is going to hire him to be a HC.

    Let's put it this way: Schwartz is going to get 12mil the next two years and won't be accepting any chump-change jobs if it makes him get less than the 12mil. He'd be a total idiot to do that. Guess we'll learn soon enough about his contract because I think a few teams will be interested in hiring him as a DC.

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    Re: Offensive and Defensive Coordinators

    I been saying throw them both out and I stand by it.

    Subtract the Saints/Colts game, Shotty just epically failed to understand the opponents and develop plays to deal with them. It wasn't till week 7 that the Rams started developing a running game. More to that point the writing was clearly on the wall in preseason. Where were the screen plays/draws against aggressive 49whinner/Seagull defenses in 2013. TA wasn't even much of a factor till late in the season.

    Walton as DC was a complete bust. For more then half the season, anyone and everyone were able to run the ball on the Rams. The last game against the Seagulls, big surprise they would unleash Lynch. Point of fact the defensive schemes employed against the 49whinners games 1 and 2, against the Seagulls/Cards game 2 where complete failures.

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