well fellow clan we have endured another defeat and it is prettey somber in Rams town right now 3 weeks in a row now have me feeling as i know everyone else does . . . . . . . . . . HURT . . . . . thats the only thing i can say about how i feel after this loss AT HOME vs Kansas city our offense is in its new identity which is conservative ball control offense which im saying is not bad at all because bulger has grasped it very well and he is having one of his best years BUT. . . . The rams have lost that complex risk taking/big play making offense yes the complex system can sometimes lead to turnovers but done right thats same system of offense will win games simply by scoring more and bailing the defense out... and this team has the weapons to be scoring 35 40 pts a game but we just cant do it if we play too conservative linehans playcalling was starting to grow on me but he still proves me he cant get this team to be the scoring machines that they are