I'm willing to make a bet with all those out there who feel Spags/Shurmur are too conservative. In the next two years, as we hopefully get a couple of game breaking skill position (receiver) guys, the Rams will go from a running team to a passing team. In Sam Bradford, we have the makings of a star, and you don't buy a Ferrari to park it in the garage. While it certainly will not be reminiscent of the GSOT, more creativity will be seen with route running, play calling and offensive scheme.

Steven Jackson has reached his prime as an NFL running back. He still has a couple of very good years left barring injury. But he has already far exceeded the shelf life of the average NFL running back. Conversely, Sam Bradford is poised for an outstanding career. A serious effort will be made to surround him with weapons to utilize his vast skills as a passer.

Spags "conservative" label- a reputation which is based in truth but has become ridiculously overblown- will dissipate to a degree as we continue to upgrade our offensive talent and weed out the rejects from the waiver wire.