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    THE OFFICIAL End Of The Year Thread

    ok with the end of the year upon us... what do you want to happen for the rams in 08? and yes please play the homer role.. maybe next year linehan will remember how to coach.. and i have a new name for the worst coach of the year.. THE LINNY. come on you know you like it. have a happy new year guys.. whoaaaaaa happy new year.. almost. PEACE.

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    Re: THE OFFICIAL End Of The Year Thread

    Hey guys, new here.

    I followed the Rams as much as I could over the past few months. It was usually on I am pretty sad at the outcome, but looking at the key injuries that occured early in the season along with Jackson and Bulger being out a few weeks due to their own injuries, it was difficult for the second string to step up.

    Injuries cannot be avoided, even the best and the strongest players get injured.

    However, for next season, I would love to start it off early, dating from the draft. We need key elements which were weak this year. We need DEFENSE! I see yards being stacked on us, usually in the second half too. We can certainly draft one or two big name defenders, sign some from free agency. If we're lucky, maybe a good trade can occur. Who knows. Whatever happens, defense is key in our success.

    Our offense has the talent to be successful. With injuries on the line (like Pace) we were really limited to covering the quarterback and blocking potential running yards for Jackson. Maybe a big name OL would be a good draft or free angency pick up as well.

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    Re: THE OFFICIAL End Of The Year Thread

    So this is the "official" end of the year thread?

    Who knew?

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    PHAT-MONEY Guest

    Re: THE OFFICIAL End Of The Year Thread

    well not really.. but it could be the best thread ever... maybe.. heres to a ram victory on sunday.. GO RAMS!!

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