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    The Official "Final Cuts Announced" Discussion Thread

    DeJuan Groce started 15 games last season for the Rams at cornerback. But he fell victim to the Rams new-found depth in the secondary under new coach Scott Linehan.

    Groce, a fourth-round draft choice by the team in 2003, was among 10 players cut Saturday morning as the team reached the mandatory regular-season roster limit of 53.
    The arrival of Stephen Davis on Friday wasnít good news for running backs Moe Williams and Fred Russell. Williams and Russell were among the other cuts by the Rams.

    Also released Saturday were quarterback Dave Ragone, tight end Jerome Collins, linebacker Tim McGarigle; offensive guard Tony Palmer (of the University of Missouri); wide receiver Dominique Thompson; and defensive linemen Brian Howard and Tim Sandidge.

    AdvertisementItís likely the Rams will try to sign some of the younger released players, most notably Russell, McGarigle, Palmer, and Sandidge, to the practice squad if they clear waivers over the next 24 hours.

    The release of Groce leaves starters Travis Fisher and Fakhir Brown, and backups Tye Hill and Jerametrius Butler, as the Ramsí top four corners. In addition, second-round draft pick Ron Bartell is a corner-safety swing player.

    Other players kept in the nine-person secondary are starting safeties Corey Chavous and Oshiomogho "O.J." Atogwe, and backups Dwaine Carpenter and Jerome Carter.

    Howard has been with the Rams the past two seasons, registering 29 tackles in 20 games over the 2004 and í05 seasons. Collins was a fifth-round draft pick of the Rams in 2005 and appeared in three games for the team last season. Thompson played in two games last season for St. Louis, catching one pass for 13 yards.

    McGarigle and Palmer, both seventh-rounders, were the only 2006 draft picks cut.
    As always.....

    GO RAMS!!!

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    the big surprise for me was carpenter over groce. another way to look at it is that we carried 6 wrs (including hagan) and two fb's rather than 5 corners or an extra dt as both howard and sandidge were cut.

    i am really surprised by this in large part because it leaves us with four corners plus bartell. fischer and butler both have bad injury histories, bartell is unproven and hill is a rookie. I am not saying groce was great, but i think he was servicable. I guess carpenter had more to add on special teams.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel
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    Re: Cuts Announced

    Ladies and gentlemen, your 2006 St. Louis Rams:

    QB: Bulger, Frerotte, Fitz
    RB: Jackson, Davis, Fisher
    FB: Smith, Hedgecock
    WR: Holt, Bruce, Curtis, McDonald, Looker, Hagans
    TE: Klopfenstein, Walker, Byrd
    OT: Pace, Barron, Steussie
    OG: Incognito, Timmerman, Setterstrom, Saipaia
    C: McCollum, Turner

    DE: Little, Hargrove, Adeyanju, Green
    DT: Glover, Kennedy, Fisk, Wroten
    OLB: Tinoisamoa, Chillar, Coakley, Alston, Smith
    MLB: Witherspoon, Brooks
    CB: Brown, Fisher, Hill, Butler
    FS: Atogwe, Bartell, Carpenter
    SS: Chavous, Carter

    K: Wilkins
    P: Turk
    LS: Massey
    Biggest surprise for me has to be Carpenter staying on the final roster, though not completely surprising considering Bartell is still learning the position.

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    Re: The Official "Final Cuts Announced" Discussion Thread

    I am sad to see Groce get cut.

    Ragone buried himself with the last game. Too bad for him, but good for fitz. I am fan of fitz.

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    Re: The Official "Final Cuts Announced" Discussion Thread

    At the risk of sounding completely stupid, I have a question for you, Nick.

    Do you have the numbers to go with the names? I know the "official" site has the numbers on the roster page, but just how final are the numbers? After all, with only a week to memorize them all, I'd hate to find out that they have changed AFTER I memorize them....

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    Re: The Official "Final Cuts Announced" Discussion Thread

    I'm surprised McGarigle was cut, after hearing so much about his tackling abililty I thought the rams would keep him, I hope they keep him on the practice squad. I'm pleased that Fitz beat out Ragone and glad to see Setterstrom get a place, he will be a starter in the next few seasons.

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    Re: The Official "Final Cuts Announced" Discussion Thread

    Why is Butler 4th string?

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    Re: The Official "Final Cuts Announced" Discussion Thread

    butler 4th string for many reasons
    1. fakhir brown got alot of money haslet guy
    2.fisher is a little faster maybe not by much
    can't think of really any more except that they might put tye hill until he really gets tested and he most certainly will maybe not for the best

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    Re: The Official "Final Cuts Announced" Discussion Thread

    Moe Williams cut? hmmm

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    maxxdigger Guest

    Re: The Official "Final Cuts Announced" Discussion Thread

    moe williams cut doesn't surprise me all that much

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    Re: The Official "Final Cuts Announced" Discussion Thread

    I am a little concerned on the D-Line. We could be a little thin there. You get a couple of injuries there and things could get ugly quick.

    Skill players ok
    O-line (add Goldberg ..delete Saipia) ...looks formidable (wish the doughnut boys had fewer doughnuts behind them)
    Running back with Davis... very OK...could be Ok if SJ gets dinged and he will.

    D-line...(a little suspect)
    Linebacker (a lot hanging on the Spoon - do not want to see him injured)
    D-back (the oveall weak link on the team)

    Oopss, almost forgot, I would like to see Fred Russel make the Practice Squad.

    Not surprised Mo Williams is no MO...
    Will be interesting to see who clears and makes practice squad.
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    Re: The Official "Final Cuts Announced" Discussion Thread

    I am very surprised about Russell being cut though. He was a play maker to me. We needed a smaller scat back on the roster. He was elusive IMPO and made better yardage than Fisher in the preseason games i saw not to mention what he done as a returner
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    Re: The Official "Final Cuts Announced" Discussion Thread

    i am pretty happy with the final results, as GC says we are not at every practice and we are only going by what we read or highlights on ESPN,so we must trust the coaching staff,so lets hope for the best starting next sunday.

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    Re: The Official "Final Cuts Announced" Discussion Thread

    Like to see Mcgarigle back, but satisfied overall.

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    Re: The Official "Final Cuts Announced" Discussion Thread

    I really wanted to see Palmer make the team. I'm hoping that we re-sign him to the practice squad.


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