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    Re: *Official Game Thread

    Let's be honest, a bad season would be a complete disaster at this point. As for the pre-season...I'm starting to worry, but remember it's still pre-season and I'm wondering if perhaps the players are afraid of being injured and thus not playing fully.

    Also as for the passing game, one of our best recievers wasn't playing and without a big threat on the ground the opposing Defense could spend more time defending the pass than the run.

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    Re: *Official Game Thread

    1.This is pre-season
    2.No, the Raiders still, aren't that good.
    3. No SJ.
    4. No Holt.
    5.This is pre-season.

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    Re: *Official Game Thread

    My worries are if all concerns can be addressed before the season starts. Our second and third teams should be playing their hearts out for a spot on the team. I don't see the same enthusiasm and momentum as other teams.

    We don't have to win all our pre-season games but still we should be seeing excitement on the field.

    It's Jim not Chris

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    Re: *Official Game Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by RamsInfiniti View Post
    I don't know what to say ... I can only shake my head ...

    Raider's are much improved ...

    I like their commentators ...

    Culpepper looks good ...

    Wish I had something good to say about the Rams ....
    The Raiders are much improved? Look at this way. The Rams had to travel to the left coast for a game that means nothing to the established starters. Lack of enthusiasm? It's a game that means a ton for the players trying to make the roster all of which are (except for the Center position) non-starters. On the other hand Culpepper and alot of the other players on the Raiders are battling for a starting positions, playing in front of their fans.

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