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Thread: The Official Rams @ Giants Discussion Thread

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    Re: The Official Rams @ Giants Discussion Thread

    Even your Monkey looks madder than normal.

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    Re: The Official Rams @ Giants Discussion Thread

    Petits has the hands. Salas is just an average receiver from a pass happy college team.

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    Re: The Official Rams @ Giants Discussion Thread

    All night long it looked very much like the sort of game that our Rams were supposed to have gotten out of their system. Under the brights lights of the nationally televised stage of "Monday Night Football," what was supposed to be a coming-of-age party for the "new" Rams instead felt like a disturbing revival of the not-so-distant past when bad, self-destructive football was all the rage.

    The stat sheet kept showing how much better the Rams should have been than the New York Giants. But the scoreboard told the truth:

    This was a very winnable game that the Rams turned into an ugly and embarrassing mess for the entire nation to see.

    You name the bad mistake a team can do on a football field, and the we did it.

    Muffed punts, dropped passes and brain cramps by a veteran running back.

    Blown pass coverages at all the wrong times and wayward red-zone passes at the most inopportune times. But the thing that keeps sticking out like a throbbing neon sign is the odd play calling that continues to treat big play-making wide receiver Danario Alexander as a seldom-used, but spectacular bit player.

    All Alexander does - all he has ever done since arriving in St. Louis late in training camp last year - is make big plays. Yet for some reason I cannot fathom, he's not on the field nearly enough.

    Through three quarters, he was on the field for no more than seven or eight plays, yet he caught three passes for an eye-popping 122 yards (40.6-yard average per catch) and one touchdown. On the first ball thrown his way in the first quarter, he went galloping down the sideline like some elegant gazelle. Alexander had streaked by a Giants corner-back and was now climbing the sky over the fast-closing safety.

    Every time he gets on the field, this is what he finds a way to do. So the second-year receiver hauled in the Bradford pass while falling backward, did a perfect reverse somersault, popped right back up on his feet and high-stepped it all the way to the Giants' 1-yard line for a 68-yard catch to set up the Rams' first score.

    On his second catch on the first possession of the second half, he ran another fade, leaped over his defender and again went falling backwards for a 35-yard catch. And on his third catch late in the third quarter, he ran another fade for a 19-yard TD pass that cut the Giants lead to 28-16 in the third quarter.

    And then he disappeared to the bench until there were less than two minutes remaining in the game. He wasn't on the field when the Rams needed him the most, when they needed to make crucial drive-sustaining first downs. This was yet another glaring statement by Alexander to underscore why the Rams need to get him extensively involved in their game plan every single week.

    The biggest criticism of this offense is that Bradford doesn't have a deep-threat weapon at wide receiver. Well, yes, he does, and that receiver is the 6-foot-5 Alexander, who might have a gimpy left knee but keeps finding ways to make spectacular big plays every time he steps on the field.

    Yet right after he made that spectacular TD catch, on the next Rams possession, Alexander wasn't even on the field for one play, and perhaps that is why the Rams had another ill-timed three-and-out. It was maybe the most baffling thing on a most baffling night.

    Overall, this was a disappointing display by a young team that continues to show a distinctive inability to finish off a vulnerable opponent. The Giants spent most of the first half doing absolutely nothing threatening, yet the Rams found ways to squander opportunities and shoot themselves in the foot. A Greg Salas muffed punt return, countless bad red-zone passes by quarterback Sam Bradford, a Salas drop near the goal line that could have led to a touchdown, but instead produced a frustrating field goal. A dropped lateral by six-year veteran tailback Cadillac Williams that he just let sit on the turf for Giants linebacker Michael Boley to scoop up and score a 65-yard TD were all part of the unsettling chain of events that put the Rams in a hole they had no business being in.

    All night long, we saw mistakes the Rams should no longer be committing. They have upgraded their talent dramatically from the dark days of three years ago, yet good teams and good players don't do what the Rams did on Monday night in sold-out MetLife Stadium.

    Mistakes continue to haunt the Rams

    The NFL season stretches out a long way, and maybe by mid season, a light will go off and this Rams squad will put all the mental and physical tools together and become a dangerous football team. But two weeks into the 2011 season, they are what their record says they are: a greatly flawed 0-2 squad that resides in the cellar of the weak NFC West.

    And if they don't correct the same mistakes that they have exhibited during the first two weeks of the season - two games that were very winnable, but two games that turned into runaway losses - then this is going to be a very bad, very long season.

    The Rams are now a quarter of the way through the so-called deadly September-October gauntlet that was supposed to be some sort of hellish ride, but already the schedule is not living up to its previous advertisement. The Eagles did not look like an invincible Dream Team last week, and the Giants looked decidedly beatable, too. And now here come the Baltimore Ravens next Sunday, who we don't know what to make of. A week ago they looked like the most frightening force in football (see: Week 1 victory over Pittsburgh), yet this week they looked like a highly vulnerable fraud (see: Week 2 loss toTennessee).

    The Washington Redskins, who looked like easy pickings in April, are now unbeaten, but no one is arranging Super Bowl parades in D.C. just yet, and who the heck knows what to make of the Dallas Cowboys?

    The simple truth is that the Rams can't bother looking at the schedule now. They just need to figure out a way to beat somebody in a hurry.

    Here's one thing I know about the NFL: in the span of a few short weeks, the power structure in this league continues to ebb and flow, and we may ultimately realize that the tail end of the schedule is more daunting than the first eight weeks.

    From what I've seen so far from this team, I don't care who is on the schedule, the error-prone Rams can lose to anyone.

    The offensive line, tight ends and running backs continue to struggle with the blitz. Receivers keep dropping passes, Bradford hasn't looked comfortable at all, and I'm still not quite sure what is going on in the mind of offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and his play calling.

    Maybe things change when Steven Jackson gets healthy and comes back. Maybe he comes in and starts gashing defenses that are loading up on Bradford all game long. And maybe things change when McDaniel's decides to use wide receiver Alexander for something more useful than the occasional diversion.

    That's a lot of maybes, and this was supposed to be the season when maybe was eliminated from this team's vocabulary. But lets remember our RAMS have a very long way to go still , This season is going to be hard to watch again I'm afraid .

    No matter what Will always love Our Rams !
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